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A buckskin mare, and a black stallion grazing at the meadow, at the Virginia Range.  Photo from this weekend. The grass is green, and the mountains in the backdrop are still covered with snow. A perfect spring day in Reno (NV.) Available as Fine Art Prints (click on the photo.)

My daughter is as fascinated by the wild ones as I am.


It makes me very happy to be able to share this experience with her. Being able to spend a lot of time with my daughter as she is growing up means the world to me.

Have a wonderful Thursday ….almost weekend 🙂


Mustangs available for adoption Reno

Last Sunday another photographer, and I, went to a temporary foster home for mustangs. These horses are in desperate need of forever homes. It was basically two different bands of horses from this part of Nevada. They usually roam around in the mountains, but at some point theses bands (herds of horses,) wandered into Reno. Wild horses in the city are a danger to themselves, and people.

Especially since a lot of people feed them..often directly form their cars/trucks. When they see cars they are not afraid, some even think FOOD. You can imagine the potential danger of that..There’s a few fatal accidents every year in our area.

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The horses in the photos are now are available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one (or several,) call Karen Vineis at 775.741.4771, or email kvineis@hotmail.com.

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Everybody can do something, just sharing the link with these amazing horses is a big help towards finding them homes. Located in Reno (NV.)
Thank YOU!


PS. If you look in the sidebar you’ll find a category named “Mustangs available for adoption.” All these mustangs are currently (April 2015,) available for adoption in Reno (NV.) There’s contact information in the posts. Some horses are trained, others are in training, some are still wild. Please give Karen a call with any questions.

Changing Colors

A roan is a horse with a mixture of white, and colored hair on its body. The white hair is intermingled with the colored hair, and it is common that the coat is lighter in color during summer. However the color changing pattern for each horse usually stays same as the horse ages. If the horse is remarkably lighter during summer, he is likely going to be like that his whole life, but still keep the darker color during winter. The Icelandic word for roan means changing colors.

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The first photo is my mustang Rebel two months ago, the second photo is Rebel now.


I had seen some photos of Rebel from last summer. He had a lighter summer coat, and I knew he was a bay roan, but he was no way near this light in color. (Maybe they were taken late last summer, when he was beginning to set his winter coat?) He still has some winter coat left now, and is shedding like crazy. I think he is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to see him in a shiny summer coat.

He is also in a growth spurt right now, and partly because of that I am waiting to start him under saddle a little longer. He is only three, and I am not in a hurry. I want to build a long lasting partnership. Rebel has a lot of potential, and I am really excited for the blessing of getting to know him.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!




When my 2,5 year old daughter wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is declaring that today she is “HAPPY” . Every day she say the magic word, it makes my heart skip a beat. Even today when she woke up with a cold, she said the magic words. I feel so grateful, and blessed to be her mom.

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.                – Walt Streightiff


If you haven’t time to respond to a tug at your pants leg, your schedule is too crowded.               – Robert Brault

Yesterday we went out to the Virginia Range, just outside Reno, and watched the wild horses play. Little Missy did not want to leave, she is as hypnotized by the wild ones, as her mom is. She rarely throws a fit, but when it was time to leave, she did. I guess we’ll have to go back soon.

The photos from yesterday is still on my camera, I will share them in another post.


Have a very HAPPY Monday!


The Enchanted Forest


I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.  – John Muir (1838–1914)


I wise man said; Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard. – Standing Bear.

Nothing could be more true than that. In nature one cannot be selfish, we are all part of something bigger, and need to coexist with our surroundings. I think that feeling of oneness, being a part of something bigger, is part of what makes me so eager to spend time out in nature on a daily basis. I breathe slower, my heart beats faster, my worries fly away.

The photos in today’s post are taken in Napa Valley, walking in one of my favorite eucalyptus grooves.


The poetry of the earth is never dead. – John Keats

For some reason walking among eucalyptus trees feels extra magical to me. Maybe because there’s no eucalyptus trees in Sweden (where I grew up) ?

Without anyone ever telling her to do so, my daughter (2,5 years old now,) always walk up to trees and hug them. She put her cheek next to a tree, and just stands there. Sometimes she closes her eyes. Little things, like her appreciation for a beautiful tree, makes my heart sing. I don’t want to stop time, because each moment is so precious, but moments like that have a special place in my heart.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. – Khalil Gibran

One of the things I am most grateful for in life, is that I am blessed to be able to spend so much time in nature with my daughter. Some of my best childhood memories are walking in the forests (birch and pine tree forests,) of Northern Sweden with my little sister. We used to fill our Fjällräven backpacks with delicious cheese sandwiches, and hot chocolate (that mom made for us,) and head out for hours. This was in the beginning of the 80’s, no one was worried about two little girls roaming around in the forest by ourselves. During the summer months we walked, and walked, exploring every game trail. In the winter we were equipped with cross country skis.

This was how we spent our free time – outdoors – no matter the season, or weather of the day. 

I remember that mom told us to be careful when crossing busy streets (on our way to the forest,) and not talking to strangers. I don’t remember her ever say anything about any dangers in the forest. I don’t remember ever feeling worried about being by myself in the forest. Nature was a friend. Is a friend. I only remember feeling at peace, free. That’s still how I feel. That’s what I want to capture with my camera. That’s what I want to plant in my daughters heart.

I hope YOU are having a great day!


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