Writing 101


I’m taking a writing class, to improve my story telling skills. Something I have been working on, on and off, since I decided to start blogging in English a few years back. English is not my first language, and the thousands of nuances that makes a good story doesn’t come easily, when you don’t write in YOUR own language. I’m very stubborn, so I haven’t given up yet. My blog is all about photography, but photography is stories. If I could match my photos with all the stories that constantly explodes in my head, that would take my work to the next level, and make it more interesting for anyone enjoying it.

Today is the first day of WRITING 101. The first assignment is free writing for 20 min. I have a love/hate relationship with free writing. I constantly have so much going on in my head. It’s never a problem to have things to write about. The challenge is more to make it interesting, and to make any kind of sense for a reader. I’m a non-linear writer. When I do write longer texts, I never write them in chronological order. I always have tons of projects going on at the same time on my lap top. Right now I’m writing ten different e-books. I never published an e-book…but hey…one day.. I have published a ”real” book once, and working on my second. The theme of the first book was wild horses in general. (Not the title, and I didn’t write it under Maria Jansson.) My second book, that I haven’t finished yet, is about adopting a wild horse. Something I did by the end of last year. I am documenting how it is to get to know a wild horse, with photos, and text. My plan is to publish it after our first year together, which would be in December.

Right now I’m just rambling on about everything that goes on in my head on this very first day of my writing class. My daughter has a cold, and I’m staying at home with her. I have a lot of photo editing to do, so I’m just looking forward to a few days at home with her. Maybe we’ll drive to the store and get her some new movies, when she wakes up. It’s 8am, and she’s still sleeping. She probably needs it. I’ve had my coffee in silence, which is unusual, and very nice.

I have also had a nice walk with my dog this morning. I have an adorable American Bulldog- Pit Bull cross. He is amazing in every way. His name is Whitey, his mom was a stray in Sacramento. She was rescued just before she had puppies. One of my friends fostered her, and the puppies. I adopted Whitey, and brought him home when he was 11 weeks old. He was born on the very same day as my daughter, July 25, 2012.

When I moved last summer Whitey spent the day with a pet sitter, and disappeared. The details of how this happened is very unclear, but I have some ideas. Everyone that has a dog knows that this is the worst nightmare that could happen! My dog is my family, and having one of your kids gone missing, the feeling is just unbearable.

I searched everywhere, checked the shelters regularly, had ads out on craigslist, put up flyers, networked on Facebook, everything I could think about. After seven months I almost gave up. I even went to a shelter to look for a new dog, could’t quiet bring one home. A couple weeks later I received an email from a girl who knew where my dog was! I got him back. That was two months ago. He’d lost about 20 lbs, and was very stiff. At first I thought he’d been hit by a car, now I think he’d been crated, or something like that. He walked very weird when I got him back. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him. After two months, he gained weight, almost back to normal, and he is walking like he should. After strenuous exercise, he can be stiff, but he is almost back to his old self. Of course everyone’s dog is the best dog in the world. Whitey is my world…and there was the 20 minutes of free writing..didn’t even have the chance to write about all the road trips I want to do this summer. My dog and my daughter have been to 30 states, during their first almost three years of life.

See You!



Whitey and my daughter a couple weeks ago.

PS. One of the things I am most excited about with this writing class, is to get inspired by all the other story tellers. If you happen to take the class, please leave a link to your blog in comment, so that I don’t miss out on your stories!

15 thoughts on “Writing 101

  1. Blogging is hard enough already, and the fact that you are writing using your second language is awesome 🙂 I’m looking forward to following your blogging adventures and photography!


  2. Hi, thank you for the follow. What a good idea putting your writing and horse photography together! As you know, I am a horse lover but I like to try to write too. I like the idea of taking a writing class. Maybe I will try that. Thanks for the inspiration.


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