Christmas Valley

So…I like to look at land. I don’t have a ranch of my own right now, and I really miss that. I like everything about having my own piece of land; growing a small garden, having some chickens, horses, dogs, having my morning coffee outside, breathing the peace that comes from a quiet country living.


Rather often when I look at land online I see available land in Christmas Valley (OR.) On my way back from Seattle I happened to see signs that said “Christmas Valley”. Of  course my curiosity took over, and I had to follow the signs. I like Nevada, so I’m not in the market to buy a place there, but it was fun to see!



Looks a little like Nevada, don’t you think?

I like taking the back roads, there’s always unexpected surprises around the corner. I did not know where Christmas Valley was located, but I like having a visual of what places I read abut looks like. I’m a very visual person, maybe it’s an occupational brain damage 😉

Hope you’re having a great day!


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