Sunrise At Verdi Peak


A while back ago I hiked up to Verdi Peak. Verdi Peak is located in Lake Tahoe National Forest (CA.) Elevation 8444ft. I slept in my sleeping bag, under the stars. The stars are extremely bright from up there!

After a few hours of sleep, (it was a little cold..) the sunrise was absolutely magical. Looking out towards the sunrise, you look towards the Nevada side. Under that beautiful sun is the city of Reno. I have other photos from the evening before, where you can see all the city lights. That’s for another post.

Did you see the sunrise this morning ? That’s one of my favorite things to do. I don’t do it seven days a week, but close. Morning is my favorite time of the day.

Have a very Happy Friday!


13 thoughts on “Sunrise At Verdi Peak

  1. Vilket fint foto!
    Soluppgången brukar jag tyvärr missa eftersom jag helt enkelt vill sova tills jag måste stiga upp för att gå till jobbet. 😉
    Och jag såg att ditt foto med hästarna kom med i Reno Lens. Grattis!


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