The Verdi Peak Lookout

In yesterday’s post; Sunrise at Verdi Peak, I promised more photos fro my adventure, and here they are!

At Verdi Peak there’s an abandoned lookout tower. You can still climb the stairs up to the tower, and get a fantastic 360 degree view. You can see California sunsets, and Nevada sunrises, from the top of the tower.


The tower seen from a distance. I don’t think I mentioned it in yesterday’s post, but there is a lot of rocks, and climbing on the trail I choose to take to Verdi Peak. There is also some dirt roads, very rocky, and it is possible to take a good off road vehicle up there. I did only see vehicles at the lower parts of the trails. Plenty of vehicles there. Horses are allowed in Lake Tahoe National Forest, also on this trail. I would not feel comfortable riding a horse on the lower part of this particular trail, because of all the ATV’s. (I had to jump out of the way for a couple of kids that were close to drive right in to me, looking the other direction..I wouldn’t want that experience on a horse.) I talked to some guys in a jeep, they told me that there’s tons of good off road trails in this section of the National Forest.


A closer look at the lookout tower.


Downtown Reno at night, seen from Verdi Peak’s lookout tower.


Radio mast, just below the lookout tower. I did hear a lot of people talking over the radio while I was in this area. (I usually bring a radio for safety reasons.) This is also looking out at the Nevada side. The best views of the California side, is further down the trail. There’s some beautiful views of both Boca, and Stampede reservoir, around two miles down the trail. I love both those reservoirs, they are among my favorite hang-out spots during summer.  During winter I love to take my dog there for walks in the early morning. There’s usually a thick layer of fog over the reservoirs. It feels like you’re waking in a fairytale. The beauty is not from this world.


This is a selfie from Boca Reservoir, the early mornings are really cold.

Do you feel inspired to go outside this weekend? Tell me in a comment! Have a wonderful weekend!


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