Dog Model


When I’m out walking with my dog Whitey, he always gets compliments. He gets compliments for his excellent manners, and appearance.

A while back EzyDog emailed me, and asked if we wanted to try one of their doggy backpacks. Of course we wanted too! So they sent us an Ezydog Summit Backpack.

Nowadays if we’re going on longer hikes, Whitey carry drinking water for both of us. He is very comfortable with his backpack. Whitey is a big dog, currently around 80lbs. He has a lot of energy, and needs to walk/run 5 miles every day to feel good.


The harness of the Ezydog Summit Backpack is padded, and made of a durable material. Whitey’s been wearing it during strenuous hikes, in rough country, and we’ve never had any trouble. It stays in place, and distribute the weight evenly. It’s adjustable in every possible way (and comes in different sizes,) it can be fitted perfectly to your dog. I’ve also tried the backpack on a friends german shepherd, who is built completely different, and that worked too.

Whitey seem to enjoy having a job, and always stands completely still while I put the backpack on his back. I’m sure happy to have Whitey help me carrying the water during our hikes. Before EzyDog contacted me about trying out their backpack, I’ve never heard of such a thing as a dog backpack, I was a little skeptical. It didn’t take me long to get over my skepticism. Maybe something to consider for this summers dog adventures?

Happy Trails!


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