This adorable horse, a mare named Bella, came into my life 1,5 year ago. It only took her a couple minutes to steal my heart. I do believe in love at first sight!
She was everything I wanted in a horse.

Bella taught me some lessons about trust. She was a MARE (horse people know what I mean with that…she had a lot of temperament,) but was super sweet with me and my daughter. She demanded attention. If she saw me working in the yard, she had to be there with me. I usually opened the gate to the pasture, and let her keep me company in the yard. She was like a big dog.

She also knew where the tack room was, and when she thought it was time to have some fun, she just walked up to the tack room, and started to bang on the door with her front hooves until I opened the door (video of Bella in the tack room.) The tack room had sliding doors, and she couldn’t open them herself. She would pace around while I tacked her up, and you could almost see the fire coming out of her nostrils…but when I got up on her back she was very well behaved. 

Unfortunately she beat up every other horse I had in my care (15 rescue horses.) We tried different solutions, but at the time I didn’t have the facilities to separate her from the herd. With a sad heart, I had to find her a new home.  She found a new person to love, but I still miss her. Still I am very grateful that our paths crossed when they did.

The dog in the photo is also a rescue dog, that had a temporary home with us. 

bd (1)

FRIENDSHIP; two sweet friends having a conversation.

You have to believe love is unconditional before you can actually start meeting its conditions. – Denise Austin


Have a wonderful day!


PS. This photo is available as Fine Art Photography Prints in black and white, and also as throw pillows, and duvet covers.

Loving it? Or not? Let me know!

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