New Mexico Landscapes

I’ve always been very attracted to extreme landscapes. In particular open spaces, and mountains. New Mexico have both.


nm2 (1)

nm3 (1)

Another thing that I really like about New Mexico is the rich history of the state. That is always fascinating. I talked to a couple older Native American ladies that told stories that made the hair on my arms stand up!

nm5 (1)

nm6 (1)

nm7 (1)

I only spent a couple days exploring New Mexico, and I feel that one could easily spend a lifetime there, and not see everything…sort of like Nevada. In fact, the two states have a lot in common. Especially when it comes to temperatures, price on  land, and extreme nature. The cities do not have a lot in common.

nm8 (1)

I was not very impressed with the cities/towns in New Mexico (coming from a country girl that doesn’t like any city that much…) but I loved the country side.

nm9 (1)

nm10 (1)

nm11 (1)

I hope YOU enjoyed the little road trip to New Mexico 🙂

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “New Mexico Landscapes

  1. Har bara varit en gång i New Mexico för länge sedan. Min pappa och jag besökte Santa Fe.
    Visst är det ett mycket speciellt landskap som finns i NM.
    Vackra och litet dramatiska bilder du har fångat.

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