Time For a Change

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This past winter have been interesting. To say that is definitely not an overstatement. In the beginning of the winter, in November to be more exact, I decided to leave California and move to Reno. I didn’t really know anyone in Reno. I just felt that I needed a change, and I’ve been very attracted to Nevada, after spending some time here in 2013. Part of it is the rugged wilderness of the high desert, that I really like. Then there is the wild horses, a big deal for me. I love watching them in the wild, and I had been dreaming about adopting one (which I have done now. It is exactly as magical as I imagined.) Then there is the honesty of the majority of the people I’ve met. They look you in the eye, and speak the truth. I really like that.

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Since I didn’t know exactly where in Nevada I wanted to be, I thought it was a good idea to bring my RV to Reno. In that way I would be in the right state, and able to figure out where to go as I went along. Compared to California, it’s cheap to live in Nevada. The photo opportunities in this amazing state are endless.

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I found a place to park my RV for free, in exchange for feeding/cleaning for four horses at a boarding facility. The work itself would not take up every much of my time, and my expenses for living would be zero. The boarding facility was not yet built, when I arrived. The owner of the place  kind of went loco during the winter, and turned his property in to a dump (literally.) From November to May it just went out of hand. It was hard to see, and I felt that I had to find a new solution.

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At the same time the owner at the boarding facility I boarded my horse at (a few blocks away from where I lived,) went through some hardship, and the atmosphere there was not beneficial for horses or humans. I almost felt that it was hard to breathe. I’m a very positive person, that enjoy to surround myself with positive people, and beautiful things (less is more.) The chaos around me was suffocating me. On top of it I got robbed of a (for me) substantial amount of money. I desperately needed a change!


I saw an ad in a Facebook group I am a part of, written by a woman who needed some help with her horses. (The horses in the photos, is some of the horses at her ranch.) It was only a couple hours/day, and she was open to boarding a horse/parking an RV on her property. Perfect! I contacted her, she got back to me, I visited her ranch, and moved the next day! That was a month ago. I love our new home, my daughter loves it, my dog loves it, and my horse loves it. It was perfect timing. It’s a big ranch, I can see mountains in all directions when I step outside, and the people are great people. One day I want my own ranch, but until then this is perfect. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to get to know another part of Nevada. I still don’t know where I want ”my ranch”. I like too many places! My RV is great for this time of my life.

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I have watched every sunrise, and sunset since I moved here. I can finally breathe again. I feel that I am a better mother to my daughter. There’s endless opportunities to train my horse, and I also get to spend time every day with many other horses. I still have plenty of time, and opportunities to expand my photography business.

The energy has shifted. I love getting up in the morning, and I feel light, happy, excited, and content at the same time. Like one step closer towards my dream.

I hope you’re having an awesome weekend! Cheers to the summer, and new beginnings!


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