Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

In response to The Daily Posts Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration.

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I’ve been fascinated by mustangs for a long time. I think they are amazing horses. I’m totally in love with Rebel, the mustang I adopted in December last year. He is my greatest source of inspiration. Now matter how I feel when I open my door, and he greets me with a neigh, I come alive. When I leave him in his pen after spending time with him I feel high. When you become friends with a wild horse, there’s no need for drugs (not that I’ve ever been into drugs.)

As we are becoming closer and closer, I’ve been wanting to have some photos of the two of us together.

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This morning the light was really good, and I asked one of my friends if she could take some pictures of us. I did the settings on my camera, and she kindly took some photos of us (edited by me.) I’m very grateful that she helped me capture this very special time. So this week’s photo challenge is actually a team work 🙂

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Can YOU see what an amazing horse Rebel is? I know everyone’s horse is special, but Rebel…he has a big heart.

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I’ve been starting to look for a saddle that fits both Rebel, and myself. The one in the photos is a borrowed one. I want to get a lightweight, endurance type of saddle. I have only ridden in a western saddle less than five times in my whole life, and I feel very clumsy in them. I understand that they are great, very safe saddles, also made for riding the whole day. It’s just me being used to be closer to the horse. A big part of the experience for me is feeling every muscle move underneath me. I’ve ridden in a lot of treeless saddles, and I could think of getting a treeless again, but it would have to be a good one. Most treeless saddles are not made for riding as much as I want to do. Saddles are tricky. ..and very important. A good saddle can last a lifetime, but then you have to pay (a lot,) or be lucky to find a used one. A good saddle only gets better with the years, and if I find a good used one I’d rather buy a used one of good quality, than a new one in the same price category. It’s interesting how having a horse forces you to learn about a wide range of things, like quality of leather, and craftsmanship. I enjoy it.

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I have been leading my daughter around on Rebel’s back, at a walk almost every day for a couple of weeks. He is very gentle with her. The next step is to take our relationship up in the saddle. He does seek comfort in my presence when he sees me on the ground. When I start riding him he has to stand his own ground, until we developed our communication system with me on his back. He is brave, and I think Rebel and I are ready for our first real ride. What do you think?

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Tomorrow morning at 5.15am the yearly Tevis Cup starts in Truckee (CA.) It’s by many people considered to be the worlds toughest endurance race, 100 miles of extremely rugged terrain, crossing the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The finish line is on Auburn (CA,) and have to be crossed within 24 hours. My goal is that Rebel and I are going to compete in 2017. There’s a long way there, but taking one baby step in the right direction every day, is my plan for getting us there.

I hope you enjoyed these photos 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


Disclosure..I’m not a professional horse trainer, I’m just a girl who loves horses. I’m not recommending any training methods. If you attempt to do any of the things in the photos with a wild (or domesticated) horse, there is always a risk involved. Everything you do with your horse is at your own risk.

Fort Churchill State Historic Park – Part 2


Last weekend I visited Fort Churchill State Historic Park. It’s located outside the little town Silver Springs (NV.) What a cool place! I shared some of my black and white photos yesterday, today I will share some in color.

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To view more photos from this amazing place take a peak in my gallery: MariaJanssonPhotography.com. Fine Art Photography prints are available.

I hope you had an awesome day today! I spent a great deal of the day working with my mustang, and looking for an endurance saddle for him. He is so ready to be ridden now.


Fort Churchill State Historic Park

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Last weekend I visited Fort Churchill State Historic Park, in Nevada.

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Fort Churchill was once an active U.S. Army fort. What’s left of the ruins is a paradise for aspiring photographers.

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It was the first time I visited Fort Churchill. I’ve been wanting to go there for some time now, it’s pretty close to where I live. I was not disappointed, it is a magical place. You can feel the winds of history blowing, and hear the thunder of hooves galloping by. I will definitely go back.

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Fort Churchill was built in 1861 to provide protection for early settlers, it was abandoned nine years later. The settlers staying at the fort got their mail via the famous Pony Express that passed by right outside the fort on a regular basis.


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Early settlers on their way West was one month away from California, when they reached Fort Churchill, if traveling in a wagon caravan.

I hope you enjoyed the photos from this magical place, there’s many more to come. To be continued…


Dog Portraits – German Shepherd


Stella, is a beautiful German Shepherd that I helped rescue a couple years back. I see her every now and then, and she is probably one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen. I spent some time with her last weekend, and of course I couldn’t help but snap some photos of her.

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
—Aaron Siskind


Have a wonderful day!


Contemporary Portraits

I’ve been trying to give my blog, and information about available photo services, Contemporary Portraits in the top menu, a facelift. Check out the changes, and feel free to give constructive feedback 🙂

I hope you’re having an awesome day!


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