The First Ride



I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

I spent the weekend with my daughter, and the two of us spent a lot of time with our mustang Rebel. You can see the result in the photos in today’s post. This is the mustang that I adopted in December, that both me and my daughter have been spending a substantial amount of time with this year.

I adopted him for myself, as a future endurance prospect, and partner in crime. However his sweet personality and big heart makes him suitable for my little girl as well. My daughter have been around horses her whole life. She loves to take care of them, and groom them, but haven’t showed much interest in riding them up until a couple days ago. I’ve respected her joy of just being around these magnificent animals, she shows no fear. In fact I totally understand it. I find as much pleasure in just being around them as in riding them.

However, this past week she has all of a sudden showed an interest in riding. She started out by riding an Arabian stallion that I have in my care. He’s always been found of children, and happily let her sit on his back. Two days ago she asked if she could ride Rebel. I put her up on his back bareback for a couple minutes. She was more than happy with that. Later that same day she got to ride a Quarter Horse that lives here. She was in heaven, and the only word she kept saying was MORE, MORE, MORE..

Yesterday she wanted to ride Rebel again. This time she rode him in a saddle. Worth saying is that I have only been sitting on his back, asking him to stand still (one of the first things I teach a young horse is that the pressure of my hand on the withers, or just in front of the withers means stop/stand still. Very useful for the first rides, and scary things on the trail later on.) I have not ridden Rebel for real myself yet! My daughter actually rode him at a walk around the round-pen. She wanted more, but I thought this was enough for this time. He was totally relaxed, and very happy to have her on his back, walking carefully with his head in a low position, a sign that a horse is relaxed an comfortable. (A tense/nervous/uncomfortable horse carry his head high.)

Rebel is well desensitized to most things you can imagine. My daughter and I spent six months gaining his trust, and bonding with him before even introducing a saddle. Rebel is a mustang, born wild and free, at the Virginia Range outside Reno (NV.) My daughter will be three years old later this month. Horses are intelligent beings, well capable of building bonds with their humans. Seeing my daughter Hayley sitting on the back of her friend, smiling, made my heart burst with pride and joy. I’m always a very proud mom, but moments like this can’t be bought with money.

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Thank you Rebel!


Have a wonderful day today! It looks like we’re going to have a week with very nice temperatures.



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