Organic Farming

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I have a dream of one day having a little place of my own, where I grow the majority of my food. I don’t want a big place, just a few acres (that I can take care of myself,) to grow what my family needs, and maybe a little extra for the local farmers market. I have been doing some gardening, but right now I don’t.

However I live on a huge organic farm (not involved in the farming part myself.) It’s always very busy. The hard working Mexicans are harvesting lettuce right now. (The photo at the top is organic lettuce.) They start before the sun goes up (I know because I’m out feeding horses,) and work until it gets dark, sometimes even through the night.

If possible I buy organic, and local food. It feels good. I am a firm believer that you are what you eat. If you feed your body garbage, it might not function that well. I like being healthy, strong, and fit. It’s not at all a sacrifice to not eat fast food, and drink soft drinks all day long. Eating healthy makes me feel good, I like feeling good. Of course I sometimes indulge in things that I crave, like chocolate, and salty licorice (the kind that is terribly hard to find here in the US.) Since I don’t eat it very often at all I buy the good kind. I enjoy quality over quantity in all sides of life.

Do you consciously think about what you eat on an ordinary day? When you go grocery shopping? Do you grow any food at home?

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! This week had wings, don’t know where it went 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


10 thoughts on “Organic Farming

  1. Great post! We grew our own vegetables when we lived in SW France – it was easy to grow there! Not so much up north here…but we buy organic when we can and cook most things from scratch.
    Everything in moderation!
    Have a great weekend!

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  2. Jag har helt lagt om min kosthållning sedan 2-3 år och äter i stort sett bara ekologisk mat numera. Mår mycket bättre jämfört med vad jag gjorde tidigare. Givetvis kostar det mer men det får det vara värt.
    Och jag märker att jag har svårt att äta “vanlig” mat faktiskt nuförtiden.
    Skulle gärna odla själv men har inte gjort det egentligen sedan jag bodde hemma i Enebyberg. Där hade vi några trädgårdsland som hade olika grönsaker, blommor och jordgubbar. De jordgubbarna var helt gudomligt goda. 🙂

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    • Visst smakar det så mycket mer när man odlat själv?! Bästa tricket för att få barn att äta frukt och grönt måste ju vara att odla själv. Eller möjligtvis en spännande utflykt till “farmer’s market”. Jag kommer aldrig att glömma de underbara lukterna från marknads stånden i Spanien, när jag var liten och gick med mamma för att köpa färsk frukt.

      Trevlig helg!


  3. One of my latest posts was about veggies you can grow indoors. I always grow as much as I can. I prefer to know what I eat. Lucky enough to live close to many farms that have no antibiotic used on their animals.

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