So You Have a HORSE CRAZY GIRL at Home? Or Maybe You Are One?


This post is the short version of a day, in a horse crazy Swedish girl’s life, working on a horse ranch in rural Nevada.

So your daughter is constantly talking about horses? Drawing horses? Playing that she is a horse (if she is younger)? Begging for riding lessons? Or maybe she is one of the lucky girls that take riding lessons at a local riding school every week? Or is she blessed with a pony of her own? You have a Horse Girl (or maybe you are that girl!) I have one, even though she is only three, she says the word horse, or pony at least a gazillion times a day.

Last night my daughter and I watched Klara, a movie about a horse crazy girl in Sweden. At least we watched it in Swedish, I believe it’s actually filmed in different countries, with different languages, for different audiences. I saw a French version of the exact same story, filmed in France. If you click on my link you’ll come to the Swedish movie. The movie inspired me to write this post, for the Horse Girls out there 🙂

At some point, some girls grow out of their fascination of horses. Others start to dream about making their living of horses. I must admit that I actually never dreamed about working with horses as a child. The point is that the horse crazy girl inside of me actually had great use of her early fascination of horses, in ways I never could of imagined.

During the last four years no less than 16 formerly abused, amazing rescue horses, walked through my life. Coming in as shadows of their former selves, and walked out to loving homes. It all happened without me planning for it to happen. They were brilliant teacher’s! I couldn’t have done anything for them, without using what I learned as a horse crazy girl. While the rich kids took riding lessons, I friended every horse in the riding schools stable. I knew if one had a bad day, or an injury that needed attention. I knew them inside out, and they told me all their secrets. Do you know exactly what I am talking about?

During the last two years I’ve been observing, and photographing wild horses, in the wild. My ability to read horses, that I got from playing at different pastures as a child, greatly helped me to feel comfortable, and get close to them. Also to know when to back off!

So please encourage that horse crazy girl at home! You never know how her highly valuable skills will enrich her life later on. The best way to get a quick visual of what the last four years have looked liked for me, is to visit my Instagram account.

When I started to look for a change of environment for me and my daughter this spring, I saw an ad in a Facebook group I’m a part of, written by a lady that needed help feeding and cleaning for her horses. Something most horse girls feels very comfortable doing. I applied, and here I am, in rural Nevada on a huge ranch.

This is how my day starts every Monday-Friday.


When I am able to see my dirty boots, I start walking to the stable. My daughter, my dog, and I live in a nice RV on the other side of the court yard. It’s a short walk.


About here, when I am half way to the stable, 25+ horses greets me good morning. I love it!



Before I can see the sun at the horizon all the horses are feed, and I’ve cleaned about five pens. It is actually a lot of light before you actually can see the sun. I guess I hadn’t given that so much of a thought before 🙂

m3b (1)

It is very peaceful when all the horses are eating. I am so grateful for this chapter of my life. I have a lot of time for meditation, and to truly enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. Feel the horses presence, breathe the hot desert air, feel the mountains in the distance calling my name, getting to know the coyotes special song, and so much more.



When I finished cleaning half of the pens, I usually take my dog for a walk in the desert. My daughter is still asleep. When we get back from our walk I clean a couple more pens, and then I walk back home to get breakfast ready for me and my daughter. Even though I always eat a little before I start, I’m starving at this point. My daughter likes to sleep late, and I like to get up early. This arrangement works perfect. I wake her up, and we have breakfast together. After breakfast we get her ready, no rush, sometimes we read a couple fairytales in between. We usually have long breakfasts 🙂


When my daughter and I finished our breakfast, most of the horses have too. I always clean up for the stallions, and more spirited horses before my daughter wakes up. After that she helps me. She talks to, and gives love to all the horses. She knows them by name, and personality, like I did with the horses in my surroundings as a little girl. I love that we have this time together. It means the world to be able to spend quality time with her, doing things we both enjoy, every day.


This is the quad that I am using first to feed the horses, and later to clean the pens. It makes things go very smooth.


After finishing our chores, there’s lot of fun stuff to do at a ranch 🙂

r27 (1)


I hope you enjoyed tagging along for a day! Did it look like fun to you? Something you would like to do? It is a lot of hard work caring for many horses, or doing other ranch related work, but it is very rewarding… It also forces me to work out with weights several times every week, to avoid back/shoulder problems. I like the feeling of being this fit. If you’re thinking about pursuing any career/hobby around horses, it truly helps to be in good condition mentally and physically.


Yours truly, behind the scenes at a rural Nevada horse ranch.


PS. I am still looking for thoughts about my brand new ABOUT PAGE, can you spare one minute and tell me your thoughts?

PS 2. I wrote this as if my audience were girls, since I have been a young horse crazy girl myself (not too long ago.) Of course the same feelings, and thoughts can apply to Horse Crazy Boys as well 😉

PS 3. I am used to sleeping well at night, but I have never had this kind of deep sleep that I have here. The combination of working with your body every day, and the extreme high desert weather makes me sleep like a baby.

6 thoughts on “So You Have a HORSE CRAZY GIRL at Home? Or Maybe You Are One?

  1. This was such a delightful piece of writing – full of enthusiasm! The accompanying photographs are wonderful too. I’lm not horse crazy, but really admire those who pursue their passions, as you and your daughter so clearly do.


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