Organic Girl

When I was pregnant with Hayley I bought an Organic Mushroom Farm from Back to The Roots. It yielded many times, and produced tons of organic Oyster Mushrooms. So much that I re-planted it outside. (It kept growing until we went on vacation and a friend of ours “took care of it”.)

My daughter is very curious about farming right now, so I decided that she was big enough to take care of a couple mushroom farms. I took these photos when we just got the kits in the mail. (We ordered them via their website, Whole Foods have them as well.)

h1 (1)

Can You see how proud Hayley is? She is SO excited!

h2 (1)

h3 (1)

I am not at all connected to the company that makes these kits, but I love them. I love them because everyone gets great results. That will make for a good experience for kids. You can see the mushroom start growing after a couple days. After 7-10 days you have your first harvest….and they taste delicious!

It is really easy to take care of the Mushroom Farms. The kit comes with a small spray bottle, and you just fill it with water, and spray it twice a day (there’s easy to understand instructions included as well.)

One of our farms already have mushrooms, the other is a little slower, but you can see that there’s something be continued 🙂


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