How to Live a Minimalistic Lifestyle With Children

I appreciate to surround myself with beauty. Beauty to me is simplicity inspired by nature. My few carefully selected possessions are things that has a meaning for me; clothes that my daughter and I actually wear, memories from trips, gifts from friends, my camera, my computer, and photos. I am living a very minimalistic lifestyle, and I truly enjoy it. The things I own could easily be packed in a couple suit cases (if I don’t count the RV that I currently own, and live in.)

I love having few possessions. I love being picky. What I have is things I need. I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about, or taking care of possessions I don’t use. I spend a lot of time outdoors with my daughter, and my camera. I live a free life. One day I want to own a piece of land, with a small house. A place where I can have a little garden. It would also reflect a minimalistic lifestyle, and the house would be built out of local materials. Until I find a place that my heart wants to call home, I intend to make the most out of this precious time with my daughter. ..and of course add memories, make friends, and collect beautiful photos to my online gallery.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not roughing it. I live very comfortably, my clothes and shoes are of high quality suitable for my outdoor needs, I mostly eat organic food, my camera and computer are really good ones. I choose quality over quantity. I know what I want, and I get it. I also know that sometimes there’s choices to make. Of course I could live in a really nice house, but then I would be stuck there. Since I don’t know where I want to live, I can’t justify getting in debt by buying a house. The RV I live in right now is extremely comfortable, and I custom made the inside for my daughter and myself. It’s warm enough for the winter, and cool enough for the summer. I throw out unnecessary furniture, and created a play/movie area, and upgraded the kitchen since we like to cook, and LOVE baking. It has warm water, shower, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, dining area, office area, and everything is inside a 33ft Montana Mountaineer with two slide-outs. Right now it’s perfect, but I don’t have any emotional attachment to it, and will likely sell the RV when it’s time for a new adventure. This has been the perfect way for us to enjoy the pleasures of a minimalistic lifestyle for the past year.

Welcome to my happy place!


Kitchen area with plenty of cabinets, a fridge, a freezer, a microwave, a good stove, and a convection oven. We enjoy spending time creating good food in our kitchen. The kitchen is an important place for us.


We enjoy baking our bread from scratch. These are ciabattas made with leftover oatmeal from our breakfast.

rv4 (1)

My daughters play area. The couch is a fold-out bed where she sleeps at night.


Of course there has to be a few beautiful items to give a home a personal touch. These are Dala Horses representing the region in Sweden where my family comes from.


The corridor that connects the kitchen/office/playroom area with the bedroom. There’s sliding doors on both sides of the corridor, to make the restroom area (shower/sink/toilet,) a separate room. On the other side of the corridor is the bedroom.


Featuring a queen size bed. There’s plenty of storage underneath the bed. There’s also a huge closet on the right side of the bed. The whole RV is bright with plenty of windows, and two doors (one connected to the kitchen, and one connected to the bedroom.) I love the design, it feels very spacious when you’re inside.

rv7 (1)

All the time we spend playing outdoors sometimes makes my daughter want to crawl up in my bed in the middle of the day for a nap. I feel grateful that our free lifestyle allows that. Also gives me some time to edit photos, and upload them to my gallery. One of the reasons I wanted to get an RV in the first place was to travel, see more amazing places, spend time with my family, and expand my online photo gallery (=make my photography more profitable.)

rv8 (1)

One last photo of the interior. This is the view laying on top of my bed, with the sliding mirror doors to the closet on my left side, and some space for more clothing/bedlinen/books in front of me. You can also see our organic sprouts, and mushrooms, that I move from window to window depending on the light. Right now our RV is parked on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. By growing some green ourselves we always have fresh vegetables to our meals.

Beside the counter, there’s the second door out. I rarely use this door. I don’t like getting the dirt from outside into my bedroom. However when I move the RV, it is convenient to open this door, to carry things in and out of the RV. Further to the right, outside the picture is the bathroom corridor that leads to the kitchen area. My daughter and I have been full time RV:ers for a year now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I hope you’re having a great day!



20 thoughts on “How to Live a Minimalistic Lifestyle With Children

  1. My minimalistic lifestyle is more not buying new and using what we already have. We live in a city,but much prefer life in the country. Luckily we’ve got a ‘cabinchaletshed’ at our naturist club,in which we’ve managed to use all those things we couldn’t use here. Possessions that I kept because it might be useful one day,when I divorced now come in useful over there. When we take apart old furniture I keep the fittings and they do come in useful too. Think before you buy is a good phrase with me and it works. All in all I get more satisfaction from old things,recycling stuff and my camera, photographing what’s there, than I ever had buying something that was hugely expensive.

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    • That is a great advice “Think before you buy”. It’s funny how we often think we need something, and if we wait a few days, we realize that we don’t need it at all. I love buying second hand, trading, and planning ahed (buying things for the next season. High quality winter clothes in the summer etc.) I really like quality over quantity, but I don’t mind at all if the item is already used. Thank you so much for your wise comment. I think reusing things in new ways is something we all should consider to do more.


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