Expat Life: Adventures and Motherhood


Since May this year, my daughter and I have been living in our RV, on a very remote ranch in Nevada’s desert. I’m used to remote living. When I was pregnant, and during my daughter’s first months, I lived in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s (CA.) However that is a completely different wilderness. As wild as the desert, but different. In the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s, I was in the middle of the deep forest. I saw bears every day, and rattle snakes on a regular basis during the summer months. I learned how to shoot a gun, and did actually kill a couple rattle snakes (that were threatening my favorite horse. He was way to curious for his own good.) My first summer in California was tough and wonderful at the same time, I was lonely, really pregnant, trying to make peace with the temperature changes (very different compared to Sweden,) and event though I never admitted it to anyone..I was homesick.

h3 (1)

Now I am in the middle of a sea of sagebrush, and sand. I have not seen any bears, or rattle snakes here. I have seen tracks of mountains lions (many times.)

I thought the temperatures in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s was high, I’ve learned that they’re not. (I spent last summer in Red Bluff, CA with temperatures in the three digits the majority of the summer. Often over 115..)

My body have adjusted very well. Where we live now the temperatures have been in the mid 90’s most of the summer (95 Fahrenheit is 35 Celsius.) Warm, but comfortable most of the time. We’ve only had a few days over 100 degres Fahrenheit (38 Celsius.) Now, half way through September it’s still around 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius,) most days. For a couple of days it’s been very windy, and the mornings starting to be chilly. Fall is here. The days are shorter, and the nights longer. Fall is my favorite season.

h5 (1)

I’ve had a lot of time to think, and get my priorities straight this summer. A lot of physical, and mental exercise, and a lot of photos! Photography is a way of meditation for me. A way to slow down, and appreciate the beauty that surround me. A way to connect with nature. A way to breath. (The photos in today’s post are from the ranch we currently call home.)

It’s been a good summer, with plenty of quality time with my daughter. I’ve literally spent 24/7 with her. Her language skills have accelerated by the speed of lightning. She speaks mostly English, but her Swedish is progressing nicely as well. She is more compassionate, and confident in her self, and others. My little girl is turning into a big girl. A big girl that doesn’t wear diapers, and have opinions about everything. I love it! I love this time. I am so grateful for this gift. Like all 3 year olds, her mind is like  a sponge. It’s very refreshing to hang out with her. Lately we’ve been talking about what really matters the most. How our behavior affect how other people feel, good and bad. What a good friend is, and how we can practice kindness in our life. She’s been starting to notice that things aren’t always like people say, that som people say a lot of things, but doesn’t really do them. She notices the little things, and has an incredible memory. She can listen to a conversation between adults, and ask me questions about it later. She is very intelligent!

h4 (1)

It is interesting to watch her as she processes new thoughts. I wouldn’t trade this time with her for anything in the whole world. I have a background as a preschool/kindergarten teacher (degree from Karlstads University, Sweden.) I love kids. Being a mom is something I take very seriously. Before my daughter starts school I would like for her to experience different cultures, and for her to see that there’s more than one way to do things. More than one way to live a fulfilling life. All things considered, traveling, and living in a new country really opens your mind.  I am grateful for all my travels, and experiences of other cultures, they truly make my life so much richer.



13 thoughts on “Expat Life: Adventures and Motherhood

  1. Beautiful reflection on your life and your wonderful daughter, Maria. And, your images are fabulous, as always. I particularly like the the angle and composition of the close shot of the horse and clouds. Very striking.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Roligt att läsa om dina tankar och känslor kring att vara expat och leva i Nevada.
    Hayley har verkligen blivit stor nu. Hon ser så glad och harmonisk ut tycker jag.
    Men så har hon ju en mamma som tycks vara likadan. 🙂

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