Once Upon A Time

Fall is my favorite season in Nevada, and it’s here now. I love the soft, ambient light, and cold mornings. It’s so refreshing compared to the strong, harsh light shining upon you without mercy during the long hot summer.

f (1)

Once Upon A Time – Fine Art Photography Print, of an old, abandoned, red barn. Photo taken at a ranch in Lyon County (NV.)

Usually fall is connected to things dying, but here it’s almost the opposite. Sure the leaves are falling of the trees, but the animals, and the people are coming alive.

f2 (1)

Today we even had a little bit of rain. Have you experienced warm summer rain? The soil still steaming from the summers heat, the smell of  dry vegetation trying to soak up the new life.

My daughter and I stayed outside watching the horses joy, when they felt raindrops on their back. This is the desert. Water is life. Fall means rain. Rain makes the world come alive.

I hope You had a great day! Ours is almost over, and we’re looking forward to more rain tomorrow ..maybe even some thunder!




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