Gratitude Challenge

Today I feel grateful for all the horses, that served as my teachers through the years. They have taught me so much about myself, mindfulness, the value of being a peace seeker, friendship, setting boundaries..the list could be several pages long. d2triggOften the more challenging horses have turned out to be the best teachers, as they forced me to get out of my comfort zone. The two horses in today’s post were among the more challenging ones, to begin with. Diamond (the white horse,) and Trigger (the beautiful bay,) both had a tragic past of abuse. Neither of them wanted to have much to do with me at all in the beginning. They both turned out to be unforgettable. I will always wear their hoof prints on my heart. Today I am grateful for that. What are you grateful for today? Please tell me in a comment!


Thank You

1VIt makes me genuinely happy when someone tells me that one of my photos have touched them in some way. I don’t think I say it enough, THANK YOU!

The first words I read when I opened my email this morning was: Today is the perfect day for a great day! Those words have been on my mind today, and it truly is a great day. I hope Yours is too!


To Love Beauty Is To See Light

So…I have not been posting anything on the blog since Saturday, and I apologize for that. As I was writing this very post that you are looking at now, my computer died. Like really died. My MacBook Pro, that have been serving me faithfully for the past three years died. He did not response well to any attempt made to get him back to life. I believe it might have something to do with surviving in an RV, during a hot, dusty, sandy summer in Nevadas desert…lol. It’s definitely been worth it though. Make you really appreciate when everything is working as its supposed too. I’m using an older iPad until I figure out what to do about this. The posts might get a little shorter. Then you know why. BTW, I missed you all during my blogging absence. 

bw (1) To love beauty is to see light.

– Victor Hugo
Among the horses on the ranch I work at, is this beautiful mare, Juliette. She is the lowest one in the pecking order. She constantly has to watch out for the other brood mares on her pasture. Horses have a very strict pecking order, where the dominant mare gets to eat, and drink first. It’s a survival instinct, where the horse that have the ability to lead the herd to water and food, has to have its lineage secured, by making sure they get the nutrition they need first.
Juliette seem so peaceful, and noble. Despite the fact that she always have to look out, not only for predators (we have mountain lions,) but also for the other horses, she manage to always look magnificent. She is a beautiful horse, but her sweet personality shines through and makes her even more beautiful. I really like this horse. 

Enjoy this incredible day!



Gratitude Challenge 2


This morning I posted the 5 things I’m most grateful for today. One of the things was a wonderful walk in the desert this morning, and also on my top 5 gratitude list was hearing my daughter’s laugh. I did get to hear my daughter’s beautiful laugh, a lot this morning. It really gave the day the best possible start. So I thought that I had to share the photos, since it totally made my day 🙂


Never could I have guessed that someone would touch my heart, like my daughter can. I am forever grateful to be her mom. She was an unexpected blessing, that became the most important thing in my life. If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I mean.

mw5 (1)

One of the things we enjoy doing together, is looking at animal tracks. We usually see tracks of both domestic, and wild animals; cats, dogs, horses, mules, cows, coyotes, birds, and mountain lions is among the tracks we often see here in Nevadas high desert.

mw7 (1)

She got a new pair of winter boots yesterday. We walked around 3 miles today, and I am very happy that they seem to be both warm and comfortable.



I hope your weekend is wonderful, and that you get to spend it in a way that makes you happy!