How to Feel Energized, When The Days Get Shorter

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Life isn’t about what happens to us. It’s about how we perceive what happens to us.

I honestly don’t think I know any adult person that actually have the same dreams today, as they had as a child. For most people dreams changes, as we grow. Maybe we find that part of our dream, actually belonged to someone else. That has definitely been the case for me on numerous occasions. I don’t know how many times my dreams, and goals, changed through the years. Some goals just weren’t worth fighting for, and if they’re not part of your dream anymore, why hang on to them? I don’t see that as giving up, I see that as being humble to the fact that we don’t know everything from the beginning, but by being open to life we can learn a lot.

You must be willing to let go of who you have been, to become who you are meant to be.

Other dreams, turned into goals, that turned into achievements. Achievements always push me forward, towards the next goal. I’ve found it motivating to have smaller goals that is easy to reach, along the way towards bigger goals. It feels so good to reach a goal, that itself creates positive energy.

The universe won’t give you your next assignment until you’re overqualified for your current one.

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I’ve always liked fall. Fall symbolizes new beginnings for me. Maybe it’s simply because I spent 17 years in school, and fall is when the new school year begins?

I feel that fall is a time to let go of the old, and move on. The thought recently came to me during meditation, that is really how it is for me, when the days get shorter I let go of unnecessary thoughts/tasks and as a result I feel at peace. After letting go, I feel light, strong, and eager to learn something new.

I try to study some new subjects every fall (more about that in another post.) I feel a stronge urge to dig into something when fall comes around. Having a defined goal gives me a lot of energy. Can you relate? What is fall to you? Do you have any goals for the new season that you would like to share? I would love to find out!



2 thoughts on “How to Feel Energized, When The Days Get Shorter

  1. As a teacher, fall is exciting – new classes, new students, a fresh start – I enjoy it! I set fewer goals for myself these days, and aim to focus on the positive, and to be realistic about things without letting cynicism drift in. Learning from numerous past mistakes always helps!

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