Change of Season


This sweet mare lives on the ranch that I currently work at. Isn’t she adorable? …BTW can you see how cold it is? It was 20 degrees when I fed the horses this morning.

I really like the cold. It makes me productive. A couple days ago I started to introduce my daughter to the art of crochet. Something I only do when it’s cold outside. I don’t know why, but it’s only then I feel inspired. Maybe because I mainly make winter clothing (warm scarves, sweaters etc) ? It feels so good to create something with my hands, when I get back inside.

Fall, and winter are inspiring seasons for art, and all sorts of crafting. Baking is something I also do a whole lot more during the colder months. In the summer I’m big into gardening, not so much in the winter I’m afraid. (Even though the thought of getting a winterized green house is something I consider every year. So far I have never had one.)

Does the change of seasons inspire you to do different things? Change things up a bit?

Whatever you are up to today, I hope your day is awesome!


PS. I uploaded a new series of inspirational winter photos to my gallery. I shared some of them with you yesterday, but there’s a whole lot more to see πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Change of Season

  1. I always say this; I like winter for being outdoors (summer too, but different!), but yesterday we flew from Calgary to Montreal, and it’s like from winter to almost summer – it was warm here, shirtsleeves warm, a pleasant surprise! Weird for Canada, even in the east…

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  2. Change of season always inspire me and I can find every season special! And yes, we do change our habits according to season. Now is deep autumn and I like cold weather and gray days. There is some mystery in every season and I appreciate it! Nice photos!

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