Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Document a gathering and share your interpretation with us. Share with us your interpretation of “gathering.” It could be your entire family decked out in ugly holiday sweaters. It could be a group of seagulls strutting down the beach. Perhaps it’s a basket of fresh herbs you’ve collected from your garden for that awesome pasta dish this evening.


In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering. A beautiful family of 13 mustangs was picked up in Lockwood (10 miles East of Reno,) by the Nevada Department of Agriculture, in the fall of 2013. The photos are from when they were moved from a temporary foster home outside Reno (NV,) to a forever home, in January 2015. They are now living at a sanctuary in Monterey, (CA.)

Mustangs are incredible horses. Of course it’s most joyful to see them run wild and free,without any fences. Second best is knowing they have room to play, enough food, and a safe place to live. These ones were lucky, and got to stay together as a family. Family bonds are very strong among wild horses. More photos from this gathering in my gallery (Mustangs from Lockwood, Nevada.)

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!


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