Mindful Beauty

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I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice.

– Linda McCartney


I sometimes play with the thought. What if horses where the only means of transportation? The world surely would be very different. I don’t know if I really would like to live like that forever…but for a summer, or so, that would be a cool experience. Random thoughts on a rainy Tuesday 🙂

Love & Light



11 thoughts on “Mindful Beauty

  1. I also would choose riding a horse, it’s so nice and romantic! I confess I have never tried to ride a horse, but this is in my to-do list and hope one day It can become true! I guess you can feel a special contact with this amazing animal! Wonderful photo, dear Maria! Happy New Year to you and your cute daughter! Hugs! Ann

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  2. When I read your title I was amused as When I was a child car where just becoming in and the only way you could travel was to ride a horse or walk. Stealing a horse meant a death sentence if the person was caught. It is not romantic. BTY, I love the picture.

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