I’m starting the new year, with a brand new series of blog posts; Amazing Places in Northern California

Northern California, is definitely one of my favorite areas in the whole world. For good reasons, it features some of the most spectacular nature; ranging from the Pacific Ocean, to deep forests, amazing parks, exciting trails, big rivers, and some really unique small towns. The wide open spaces, and the ever present mountains, are naturally two major factors that attracts me to the area. My first post was about  Clover Creek Preserve

I’ve taken you with me to Anderson River Park before, but since I really like this park, we’re going back! It’s a beautiful sunny day. There’s no wind. Since it’s still “winter” (cough..cough…winter in Northern California isn’t exactly like wintertime in Northern Sweden, where I  grew up,) the unbearable heat is honoring us with her absence.

ar (1)

The naked, old oaks are admiring their own beauty, in the water.

As we slowly stroll down the well maintained hiking trail, whispering secrets that only we understand (laughing at all the wrong places,) an eagle soar in the distance, and some quails cross the trail right in front of us.

bw (1)

I breath so much lighter out here. I feel like I have wings. What about you? How do you feel? What’s going on in your life? How are the kids?

It’s such a perfect day. I’m so happy that I could convince you to come with me.

ar2 (1)

The fresh air makes our spirits high, and any problems we may have in the outside world are non-existing right now. I wouldn’t mind if the world stopped for a while.

ar3 (1)

After enjoying our lunch sandwiches, catching up on the good old times, and laughing about last weekend, we start heading back to our trucks. Back to reality. Once again, thank you my friend. I loved spending some time with you. Let’s go back soon!


Love & Light,



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