Midlife Women: 10 reasons to be grateful

A beautiful contribution to my Gratitude Challenge!

Margaretha Montagu's Workshops and Books

Saturday again! One of my favourite ways of starting the weekend is by making a list of the things I am grateful for. I keep a gratitude diary (I don’t manage to write in it every single day, but I write in it at least five times a week. Sometimes it is a long list, sometimes just a single word or a picture that I know will spark a specific memory. I also keep a Gratitude Diary on Pinterest, purely because I enjoy pinning. I often choose a theme – it helps me think of different things to be thankful for.

With the launch of our Mindful Midlife Renewal Retreats last week, with our horses, here in the south of France, my mind is squarely fixated on midlife.

  1. I am very grateful, that here where I live, in deepest rural France, there are super-stylish older women that are fantastic role…

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2 thoughts on “Midlife Women: 10 reasons to be grateful

  1. Liebe Maria einen schönen Sonntag wünsche ich dir hab deinen Blog durch stöbert einfach wunderschöne Fotos einfach toll wünsche dir zum Start in die neue Woche am 1 Februar viel Glück und sei ganz lieb gegrüßt Klaus


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