Make Every Moment Count

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The morning is mine.

My time to remember that I am in charge.

Morning is the right time,

pretty much for everything except staying in bed.

It’s my time to remember that I take full responsibility for my own happiness.

Mornings are my time to remember that kindness to all, is my goal.

I love mornings.

Every morning is a beautiful gift, 

that I am extremely grateful for.

The morning is mine.

The morning is yours.

Live in the moment.

Make every moment count.

Prepare for the future.


Breathe deeply.

Love madly.



PS. This is my third contribution to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light. I usually only make one entry, but this week’s theme screamed my name!

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The Golden Hour   Print by Maria Jansson



Amazing Places in Northern California: Sundial Bridge

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I’m starting 2016, with a brand new series of blog posts; Amazing Places in Northern California. It’s one of my favorite areas in the whole world. My goal is the obvious; I want to give you the experience of Amazing Places in Northern California. Whether you want to virtually enjoy them via my blog, decorate your home/business with inspiring Art Prints, or scout out the perfect place to go on your next vacation. As an addicted photographer I am constantly searching for new vistas.

sb2 (1)

Today I’m taking you to Sundial Bridge, in Redding California. If you’re driving on the I-5, the main highway going through Northern California, Sundial Bridge is only a couple minutes away as you’re passing through Redding. You should make a quick stop, or even better, plan to enjoy a whole day here.

This is the world’s largest sundial, and it actually works! It’s a magnificent piece of art, designed by Santiago Calatrava. The bottom is made out of blue/green glass, and the sundial stretches its arms all the way up to the sky. It was completed in 2004, and has become a landmark for Redding. (More photos of Sundial Bridge in my gallery.)

sb12 (1)

The bridge is open to pedestrians, and bicyclists only. People of all ages stroll, or jog across the bridge. The bridge serves a gateway to both the city, a beautiful garden, and Sacramento River Trail (a 35 mile long trail system.) You can ride your bike/hike all the way up to Shasta Dam, an unforgettable experience!

sb4 (1)
Sacramento River, as seen from Sundial Bridge. Sacramento River Trail follows the river, (on the right side in the photo.)


There’s an inviting space to hang out with your friends, under the bridge. During hot summer nights people meet here to sing, and play instruments together. The atmosphere, with the river right at your feet, and the sundial above you, creates an almost church like feeling.

sb11 (1)

The bridge, and Turtle Bay Exploration Park, is a great, (admission free,) place to take your family, friends, visitors, or a date. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and an experience to remember. The accessibility makes this a popular spot. Even though it is popular, for some reason it doesn’t feel crowded.

sb8 (1)

There’s plenty of restrooms, and they are decently clean. There’s parking lots on two sides of the park. It can sometimes be tricky to park, but not impossible.

sb9 (1)
My daughter digesting everything she experienced in the park, with a few minutes of silent meditation by the river. 


This park has something for everyone, and the access to the river trail opens up opportunities to see so much more than the city of Redding. I like the fact that the park triggers so many senses. I get my fill of city life, flowers, music, people, art, and if I choose – exercise, and wide open spaces s well. The surrounding trails are incredible! I can highly recommend a visit, or several!

sb10 (1)

If you’re interested in doing a project together, or have me write a guest post/article, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at I am currently scheduling spring/summer adventures. Your comments and ideas are always welcome!

Love & Light,


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PS 2. Bring LIFE into your living space! Add MAGIC to your walls! YOU can be anywhere you want, in the comfort of your home. My reasons for bringing my camera with me every day, is that I love taking you to amazing places. Get your inspiration from my gallery!


My second contribution to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light.

Share a photograph inspired by a favorite poem, verse, story, or song lyric. Bonus points if you share why the particular text resonates with you. 


hl (1)

…perhaps that might be the way to write this book–to open the page and to let the stories crawl in by themselves.  ― John Steinbeck

That’s California to me. Stories coming my way, like the waves coming into the magical beaches along the coast. Forcing me to accept the inevitable, to accept, to say yes, to start thinking outside the box.

Love & Light, Always,



Mendocino Coast Canvas Print by Maria Jansson

The Sacramento River

sb14 (1)
Fisherman at the Sacramento River

My daughter and I went to Redding (CA,) today. We had a great time, exploring the Sacramento River Trail, and Turtle Bay Exploration Park. The weather was perfect, around 70 degrees, with a light breeze.

I’m still in the process of editing the photos, but wanted to share this photo in black and white, of a fisherman at the Sacramento River. There’s something soothing about watching a fisherman working his trade in an old fashion way. During the few minutes my daughter and I watched, he caught three fishes. They looked to be of a pretty good size.

I hope you had a great day!

Love & Light, Always,


A Fairytale With A Twist

sfo18 (1)
My life definitely took an unexpected turn, when I landed in San Francisco five years ago.

Among all the projects I’m working on, is a series of short stories, about how it is to be a Swedish girl in the US.

This morning I discovered that someone else recently published a similar idea. I am looking forward to read his book, Swede Among Rednecks. The authors story (I do not know the author,) is very different from my own, but I am sure there’s many similarities as well. Can’t wait to get my book!

Some may think that since there’s many similarities between the countries, when it comes to standard of living etc. most things are the same – WRONG! The cultures are extremely different. It often throws me into situations that I didn’t see coming, and sometimes I am clueless of how to deal with them. From being a teacher in my own country, someone who parents asked for advice, I find myself looking for my own answers. Challenged with both the language, and new unwritten rules. Surely years of English studies, and travel helped me some, but it did not prepare me for a life on the other side of the pond. Especially in the beginning, life in the US was very frustrating, and sometimes humiliating on a daily basis. Looking back on my first time here, I’m very grateful for the learning experience.

I’m not as lost anymore, and I believe I’ve found a way that works for me. In the process I’ve learned so much about myself, and I’ve met wonderful people (and animals,) that enriched my life in ways I’ve could of never imagined. I’m definitely not ready to publish my story yet, I want to improve my story telling first. For now it’s a working draft on my computer. I open it a couple times a week. I haven’t decided exactly how personal I want to get yet. Part of the draft is very personal. Then it’s the language thing. I started out writing in English. I know that I want to publish my story in English one day, but maybe I should make a Swedish edition first? I’m leaning towards finish as I started, in English. This is not the main project I’m working on, but it has been in the background for almost five years now. I’m just waiting for the right angle for my story, to present itself. When it does, I know the rest is going to be smooth. I’m not stressed about it, I am sure it’s going to come to me, it always does.

Right now this is how the book begins. I will probably change that a million times, but for now this is it;

Five years ago I lived in a very nice, unique apartment, part of a mansion from the 1500’s. This was in Southern Sweden. I had a job that I loved, and a life.. you know friends, family, even an Icelandic Horse, I was fit, I had money to travel, I was single. … then I met a man. I mean, we didn’t exactly meet. We started to talk on the internet, he lived in California. He contacted me, he wasn’t really my type, but his personality won me over. We were both into horses. We both wanted to ride the Pacific Crest Trail, from Mexico to Canada on horseback. We talked, and we talked some more. After talking every day for a couple months, he bought me a ticket to California. A big part of the Pacific Crest Trail goes through California, so it seemed logical that I would go there. Our plan was to try out parts of the trail together, to see if we wanted to ride the whole stretch together. The whole stretch would take several months. We figured it would be a good idea to start with some test rides. I felt that I knew him pretty well, and I had travelled a lot by myself. I thought to myself that if he was a total jerk when I got there, I could always spend a couple weeks exploring by myself. The thought didn’t scare me at all. Who would say no to paid vacation in California? No strings attached. I was pretty sure that I would like him. ..

Remember this is my story, from my point of view. I never said I was perfect, or that this is the whole story.

Your turn! If you followed my blog for a while, you know part of my story. BTW, I’m extremely grateful to share my story, in words and photos, with YOU! Tell me about what part of the story, or what angle, you would be interested in reading about? I would love to know!  Even though writing have helped me find clarity in how to deal with my new life, I want my book to both amuse, and help others.

Love & Light, Always