This contribution to my Gratitude Challenge last week, caught my eye! Spring is in the air!


The subject for my MJP Gratitude Challenge for today is :  Vegetable Gardens.

I don’t remember seeing a vegetable garden that I didn’t like.  What is it about them that seems so comfortable?  Is it the spring ritual that we perform year after year?   Buying seeds, prepping the beds, planning where to plant what…….

I think they are appealing because it’s they’re so basic.   No matter how plain or how fancy a vegetable garden is,  it is still just a human, planting seeds in the earth,  in hopes of gathering food.

I consider vegetable gardens the Great Equalizers.  Even the richest person we know is allowed giddiness over a homegrown, vine ripened tomato.

These are such personal gardens.  You are able to catch a glimpse of the gardener that you won’t see in the other areas of the landscape.  What is your favorite part of a veggie garden?

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