Swedish Lessons – Prices

I almost drowned in emails after yesterday’s post, about Swedish lessons. I decided to make a separate website for everyone that wants to learn Swedish. This is my first post on “Vikings From Sweden,” explaining what I can do for you. I would love it if you took a second and shared my new blog, with your friends that might be interested in learning more about their Swedish/Scandinavian roots. Thank you so much!


Vikings From Sweden

Prices 1-2 students:

1 Hour = $50 + travel expenses (Only Northern California.)

2x 6 Hours/Weekend (minimum of 12 hours.) = $500  +travel expenses/food/lodging. (Willing to travel longer distances, out of state.)

Week 5x 6 Hours (minimum of 30 hours) = $1000 + travel expenses/food/lodging. (Willing to travel longer distances, out of state.)

If more than one week = $700/week + travel expenses/food/lodging, (after one week at full price.)

Lessons will be custom made to fit your needs; conversational Swedish in real life situations, classroom setting, activities with children, Swedish culture, travel information etc.

Individual pricing for groups with more than two students, and long term agreements.

I’m open to your ideas. Prices may be subject to change. Send me an email at mariajanssonphotography@gmail.com, and let me know how I best can help you!

Let’s talk!


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6 thoughts on “Swedish Lessons – Prices

  1. I wish I could be your student… Swedish is wonderful language, though a puzzle to my ears. I saw a Swedish movie some years ago and loved it but forgot it’s name, it was about a little girl stepping into her teen years… Would you recommend me some movies?

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