Amazing Places in Northern California: McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

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My daughter, dog, and I, decided that one beautiful Saturday, in the beginning of April, should be dedicated to an adventure. We took Highway 299 from Redding, and drove 65 miles, up towards Burney (CA.) This drive is very beautiful, and we were extremely excited about our destination; Burney Falls.

This post is part of my series; Amazing Places in Northern California.

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View from the upper vista point.


Burney Falls might be California’s most beautiful waterfall. President Roosevelt called Burney Falls the eighth wonder of the world.

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The walking path between the upper, and lower vista point. 


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The falls originates from Burney Creek. The creek comes from underground springs, and eventually the 100 million gallons of water that passes by every day explodes into majestic water falls. The biggest fall is 129-foot.

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This 910 acres park has five amazing miles of hiking trails, including part of The Pacific Crest Trail. This nature is truly unique. According to many native beliefs it’s sacred ground. I believe anyone that takes the time to breathe deeply in this park can sense that this is an extraordinary place.

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The falls are located in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, along Highway 89, right outside the little town Burney. The entrance to the park is located six miles from the turn to Highway 89. The fee to enter the park is 8$/vehicle (2016.)

bf8 (1)
Lower vista point, where the trail along Burney Creek starts out.


This is the address for your GPS:

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial Park

24898 Highway 89

Burney CA 96013

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According to the legend I’ve been told, a female water spirit named Undine, lives here.  She is 15-inches tall, composed of iridescent colors, and steps out from the middle of  the main water fall.  She has also been seen above the water falls. Is it true? You’ll have to spend some time there, and find out for yourself!

This is a great family friendly destination. My 3 year old was thrilled. The trails are fairly easy for kids. It does get a little slippery when wet. Dogs are only allowed at the upper vista point, and on leash at all times. The magnificence of the place creates a positive, calm, warm vibe. Everyone we met seem to be happy to be there.  We met people of all ages, and from different countries during our visit. It by far exceeded the high expectations I had before this adventure.


Next time I go there, I would like to stay at the nearby campground, and capture the falls at sunrise, sunset, and under the stars. The light is constantly changing, as it sips through the thick surrounding forest. A paradise for photographers.

The summers are warm. During our visit in the beginning of April, I was wearing a t-shirt & jeans, (we visited in the morning.) If you’re planning a visit during the winter, layered clothing are recommended.

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20 thoughts on “Amazing Places in Northern California: McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

  1. Jag kan bara hålla med dig om att Burney Falls är fantastiskt vackra. Och det ser ut att vara mycket vatten just nu i alla fall. Som du såg hos FB var jag där 2010 (innan torkan) och det var i juni och fortfarande mycket vatten.
    Skulle inte alls förvåna mig om det finns vattenandar där – du vet ju att jag tror på sådant. 🙂
    Och nog blir man uppiggad av alla negativa joner med så mycket vatten.
    Den gångna helgen var ovanligt varm även i Weed/Mt Shasta – idag är det kyligare.


  2. Oh Maria, this looks like a gorgeous place to explore. I haven’t heard of it, can’t wait to bring my boys there and enjoy the power of the waterfall. Thank you for sharing. Your little one walking on the trail and taking a moment with the falls in the background, those are priceless moments. Wonderful!

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