Red Bluff Round-Up Week!!


If you ask me, one of the highlights of the year takes place this coming weekend;

Red Bluff Round-Up.


It is very exciting! Extremely exciting! More exciting than usual, this year my daughter is big enough to enjoy the show. I took her there for the first time when she was one year old, but obviously she can’t remember that. Now as a 3, almost 4  year old, horse crazy girl, I just know that she’s going to be thrilled! I got us really good seats, and can’t wait for the weekend to get here.



This is not just any rodeo, it’s easy one of the best in the western states. Everything is high class, from the contestants, the merchandisers, the people, the music, the entertainment, it’s just a GREAT event!


The photos in this post are mine, from previous years. However, this year, having fun with my daughter, and experiencing  the party with her is my main focus. There will be a few art prints from 2016’s Red Bluff Round-Up available, in my gallery after the rodeo.


If you happen to be in the North State, you’d probably already made plans to go to the rodeo this weekend. If not, you should!

Love & Light, Always


PS. We actually took a little drive to Red Bluff today, and there’s already party feeling in the air, and more people on the streets than usual! Very promising 🙂

10 thoughts on “Red Bluff Round-Up Week!!

  1. Great photographs! You’ll have a blast, I’m sure. We’re away when the Stampede is on this summer, but your post has me thinking maybe we will go to one of the small town rodeos somewhere else in Alberta…
    Have fun!

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