How to create a vision for success

What can I do right now that takes me closer to my dreams?

This blog post came to me this morning, after being asked for the millioned time about my participation in a longterm project, that I’ve been hesitant to commit to. I am not afraid of commitment at all. Decision making is usually easy for me. I like the security of longterm projects. I like to say yes, I try to say yes as often as I possibly can. Commitment mean something to me, and if I say that I am going to do something, I will do it. I like to have the facts first, so that I can keep my promise.

In this particular case I’ve been collecting information. For several months actually. In the beginning, the first time I was asked, I thought this project might be something that I could do. Not knowing exactly what it would take to do a good job, I decided to learn more, before starting something I could not finish. I soon realized that the time commitment would be much larger than I was lead to believe. I would have to work with numbers/math several hours/day (it’s not among my favorite things to do,) I would have to stay within cellphone reception (strongly dislike that commitment,) I would have to stay inside several hours/day (hhhhuuuiee, me?) I would be forced to ignore spontaneous photo opportunities, to be available for the project 6 days/week. During the learning period, which could be extensive (months,) I would have to spend those hours in a house where a smoker smokes cigarettes inside every day, with my daughter. Watching the other people involved in the project, I notice that they are constantly stressed out, frustrated, agitated, angry, resentful, and in bad health. If I choose to join the project there would be economical benefits for my family. (As an artist, I never know how big my paycheck is going to be from month to month.)

So, what should I do? Could I do this, and keep my sanity? Could I do this and still actively, be a positive force in my daughter’s life? Could I do this, and claim that I am still working towards my dream (being the best mother I can be/living a healthy life/making a living out of my photography/growing most of my food) ?  We all know that kids doesn’t do what we tell them to, but imitate what we actually do. I want my daughter to commit to her dreams, more than anything else. Find out what they are, commit to them, and hold on to them. What does my example tell her?

I want to be a responsible mother, making the decisions that will benefit my daughter the most. It’s my responsibility to make sure she has a warm place to live, clothes on her body, food, and a positive/healthy environment, where she can grow into her full potential. My daughter’s wellbeing in all these areas will always be my highest priority.

Like I mentioned in a recent post, I was a Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher, before I had my little girl. I decided to quit my job, and look for other ways to support us when I found out that I was pregnant. To be able to spend as much time as possible with my child. Since then I’ve worked with several different projects (horses, photography, ranching, gardening, and some teaching,) that allowed me to bring my daughter with me. I’m genuinely interested in a sustainable lifestyle, and I’m dreaming about having a few acres of my own one day. I’m not in a position to buy us a piece of land today, but it’s an active dream that I work towards every day. I want to grow the majority of our food myself, and I am learning as much as I can about organic gardening.

ar13 (1)
Nature – Our Favorite Classroom/Office/Playground


Creations starts with a vision, then it takes place in the physical universe. Bend the universe to your will. Not my words, even though I wish they were. Randy Gage, said that in one of his books. Its a phrase that’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

It’s physics, really. You get excited, you see it, taste it, feel it – you’re motivated! You enlist the excitement of the people around you. People like being around positive people. When you really have a vision, people wants to be a part of it. A healthy lifestyle is something I am passionate about. So is my photography. My life have never been about mediocrity. It’s had UPS, and DOWNS. I’m striving towards getting more balance, in all areas.

Joy is my ultimate measure of success. Seeing happy people, that loves what they do makes me wanna know more. The opposite drives me away.

My first blog Working On My Dream (I do not own that domain anymore,) pretty much defined what my adult life have been about. What I want it to be about. Killing the inner voice accusing me for being selfish. Because I realize that to be generous, with myself, my time, my affection, my love, all that I am, I need to love myself. I need to love what I am doing. I am not a good actor. I can not, and need not have a job, (or a relationship) that I am not 100% happy with. That is something I believe.

I believe I deserve happiness. I believe that you deserve happiness. I also believe that it is an active choice that we all have to take. It doesn’t come by luck. We have to choose it. We have to work for it. We have to hold on to it. We have to flow with it. Sometimes we have to defend it. Even when it’s scary to do so.  

Kill the distractions, don’t focus on the things you can’t control. Turn things around. What do I control? What can I do right now that takes me closer to my dreams? Right now, in April 2016 I’m in California. I’m in Northern California to be more specific. Northern California is amazing this time of the year.

What I can do;  get up early every morning. I get up 4-4.30am seven days/week, to get as much work done on my computer, that I possibly can, before my daughter wakes up. Editing photos, replying to emails, marketing my work, networking, making sure my photo orders are properly taken cared of, that my clients are happy, writing blog posts like this one, and planning photo session takes time.

When my daughter wakes up I want to give her my attention. After breakfast I take my daughter, dog, and camera with me outside and learn everything I can about California’s beauty. I can put my teaching credentials, and passion for the great outdoors to use, and implant a love, and care for the environment in my young daughters heart. I can teach her Swedish (my native language,) while doing this. Maybe most important, I have time to really listen to her, to get under her skin, while we’re exploring nature together. We have quality time to talk to each other, without distractions (like TV, or even phones, since we often take photos where there’s little, or no cellphone reception..)

Time is my most treasured asset. This time, when my daughter is growing up, will never come back. It’s exclusive. It’s now. 

I can keep my family healthy by making sure they get enough exercise, drink enough water, and eat healthy food. I can share my photos with people that might not get the chance to experience the incredible nature that I am blessed to be surrounded by. While interacting with my online community, and the people I meet while taking photos, I can improve my English. California is a great place to improve my gardening skills as well, taking me one step closer to live a more self sustainable life. There’s so much I can do!

I can choose to see all these things that I can do, and focus on them. I firmly believe that we get more of what we choose to focus our mind on. (Focus on your challenges, and guess what? You’ll get more challenges coming your way.) What can you do? If you actively choose to focus only on what’s available to you, not on the obstacles. What can you do right now, to get closer to the life of your dreams? Tell me in a comment, and HOLD THAT VISION. Keep your vision in focus, take it with you. Write it down, talk about it, turn your vision into reality.

Thoughts for your Thursday morning 😉 Enjoy this amazing day!

Love & Light, Always


PS. I’m holding on to my vision 😉

PS 2. Your comments, and ideas are always encouraged. You can leave a comment in the comment box below, or if you’d rather send me a private email, feel free to do so

12 thoughts on “How to create a vision for success

  1. I love everything about your words here, Maria! Your attitude towards life, and what’s really important in your life, is admirable. Your drive to chase your dreams and your ideal lifestyle sets such a beautiful example for your daughter. I have no doubts you’ll make the right decision regarding the project you’ve been offered because I can see, from this wonderful post, that your heart and mind are in the right place 😊

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  2. It takes courage to follow your dream and to me it is more than a dream, especially in your case. It is attainable because of your tenacity and strength. I hear your answer to either going with this project or going after what you want for you and your daughter. I know you will achieve it, I feel it, hear it and now you can be just as determined as ever. You know what you want or don’t want! I work on keeping my focus on what I want to achieve and I have to put aside all the “voices” out there and within myself telling me otherwise. It is hard in this modern world because there is such a push to achieve but not in a way that usually grows the mind and spirit or happiness! Anyway, my two cents worth. Prayer is the big thing that I rely on and of course my faith but all of us have something that we lean on and I know that you will find that. Blessings my friend!

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  3. Have to really agree on your point about time – far more important, and precious, than senseless accumulation of material wealth (and it’s important to spend the time you have with the people you want to spend it with!)

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  4. I am also holding on to me vision! I so respect you for being a strong personality, well-done! You re the best motivation and example for me, Maria! You have a good decision and the most important you know that you are right, it’s such a sweet feeling. On the contrary, I am the person who always have doubts, I hardly can remember the situation when I was sure in anything in my life as you are now! It’s a good lesson for me! Thank you and wish you only the best, and work only on things that make you happy! I hope you never have to chose between necessary and “I’d like”! LOADS of GOOD LUCK!

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