How to grow your own organic food, on a budget, in your backyard

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So you want to eat good healthy food? You want to have your own garden? You don’t want to spend a fortune? And you don’t have that much space? There’s many ways to do that!

I’ve tried different options. I love fruit, berries, and vegetables! I love how good I feel, when I eat a lot of green, organic food. I’m going to share my garden project that I have right now. It’s obviously an ongoing project, and I am by no means a professional gardener. It’s more like learning by doing. My goal is, to one day be able to grow the majority of our food myself. Your ideas and input is always welcome!

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My garden this year is located on about 1/4 acres, in a back yard, in Northern California. The mediterranean like climate in this part of California is great for gardening.

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Radishes, started from seed, directly into the garden bed, three days ago. 

The one thing I have to keep an eye on, is that my garden get enough water during the hottest part of the summer. The area is known for three digit temperatures during the summer. I am going to have to check on my garden, and water, every morning, and evening. If it was a bigger garden, I would set up an automatic drip system, but I’m not going to bother with that, for this garden. It’s easy enough to do it by hand, and the project becomes more alive for my 3 year old daughter. She’s been hands on involved in the project since the beginning. Making sure our plants have enough water is going to be her job, with help, and supervision of course. She is thrilled, and very proud over her important role in the garden.

We started out by ordering organic seeds from Amazon. Simply because there’s a lot to choose from, and you can find what you need to a decent price. (I’m not an affiliate with Amazon, or any particular brand of organic seeds.) I’ve spent less than $30, so far.

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After ordering seeds, the next thing on our list was to make garden beds. The garden area is less than 1/4 acres. We had to use the area wise, utilizing the sun to the max. We decided to make our garden beds out of used truck tires. I often see free truck tires on Craigslist. We got ours for free, leftovers from a local business. I’m a big believer in reusing materials, and working with what you have on hands. I didn’t have a set number of garden beds that I wanted to make. Right now, it looks like it’s going to be 21 garden beds. Each bed is two truck tires high. The tires are heavy, and I simply put them on top of each other, in a row, tight together. They are very stabile, and are not going to move.

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One of our friends have a property near the Sacramento River. I had two truck loads of dirt delivered from his property last weekend. We were lucky to get top notch, fertile soil for free. There was some work connected with sorting out rocks from the dirt. A job that I didn’t mind at all, considering that we got it all for free.

I’m still in the process of filling up our homemade garden beds with the dirt. I’ve filled a little more than half, and planted those beds. I’m going to finish the rest this coming week. If I still have dirt left, when I’m finished, I’m going to pick up some more tires, and make more beds. There has indeed been some heavy work involved; unloading truck tires from the back of my pickup, putting the tires on top of each other, and shoveling the dirt into the beds. I enjoy this kind of work, and find it very rewarding.

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We’re growing strawberries, radish, cilantro, basil, oregano, culinary sage, garlic chives, Sugar Daddy peas, cherry tomatoes, carrots, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Orange Tendersweet watermelon, squash, and pumpkins in our garden so far. I’m thinking of adding artichoke hearts, lettuce, and black berries. (Maybe some grapes, climbing up on the fence?) I am hoping, and I believe, that this garden will yield more than enough vegetables for our family. I am planning on selling the rest on a local farmers market. It’s an exciting project! I’ll keep you posted!

If you have a garden project this year, I would love to hear about it!

Love & Light, Always


22 thoughts on “How to grow your own organic food, on a budget, in your backyard

  1. Ny look här ser jag på bloggen. 🙂 Ser trevligt ut.
    Men vilken smart idé att använda bildäck.
    Underbart att ni kommer att ha egna grönsaker och annat gott.
    Att äta egenodlat och kunna plocka direkt är en otroligt stor skillnad mot att köpa i affären. Man känner livsenergin i det man odlar. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tack Anne-Marie 🙂 Jag ville göra den lite mer personlig, och mindre stel. Mer inbjudande liksom.
      Projektet blev större än jag hade planerat från början 🙂 Jag älskar att odla mina egna grönsaker, och Hayley har alltid gillat att odla. Du får ta och komma hit på ett besök om några veckor när vi börjar se lite resultat.



  2. That’s a very ambitious project, I am so impressed! I have to admit that I am not a very good gardener, but my my granny and parents do plan vegetables, which we then eat almost all year. We plant potatoes, carrot, beetroots, onion, garlic, some peas, cucumbers and tomatoes. We don’t have a big garden, but it helps us to have some vegetables for our family. Also there is a small fruit-tree garden, some apricots, cherries and berries. We have usual land, so everything is planted directly to the ground, which is very specific, since you have to be ready to face harmful bugs living under- and above the ground. I should confess that we are against any artificial fertilizers, however, to protect plants from being eaten by some harmful beetles, we need to use some things. Unfortunately, in our country it’s a problem. One of the most common beetle is colorado beetle who eats a lot of plants. Thus, we face a lot of challenges on our way to organic food! Hope you will be luckier, dear Maria!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It kind of turned into a bigger project than I planned. I am very happy that it did though 🙂 Going to get some more tires, for new beds today. I really enjoy it. I read somewhere (recently,) to only water the garden in the morning, and never in the evening, to avoid some of the bugs. I have not tried. I do plant herbs around the most sensitive plants, their scents keep some of the bugs away. If I know that it is a bad year, bug wise, I spray a mix of apple cider vinegar, and water, around the garden, and on the side of the beds. Can be used on plants, if needed, as well.
      I loved gardening with my grandma, when I was a kid. She grew a lot of potatoes, and strawberries. Best of luck with your families garden this year.

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  3. This is super-wonderful in my humble little opinion. My own theory is that eating food from as close to the ground you walk on daily is the very best recipe for health. Growing is the best option and you are sharing a fabulous project that goes to prove that most people can have a go at growing at least some of their food and therefore taking good steps towards consuming the freshest (which is part of my theory) and best. Chapeau to you and I really really am excited to read more about the project as you share it along the way.

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