Original HC Andersen’s Fairy Tales


I love books, and I’ve always had a thing for beautiful books. Lady luck was on my side today!

b1 (1)

I found a beautiful Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by W. Heath. Robinson. I believe it could be the first edition, published 1913. This edition was sold out, and republished 1917, but the second edition had a stamp in it. This book doesn’t have that. It’s been republished many time since then, but on the inside of the cover there’s a note dated Easter 1928.


The book is beautiful! In good condition for its age. Some wear on the outside. The pages are frail, but non are damaged/teared. The only note in the book is the one on the inside of the cover.


The illustrations are  magical!

b6 (1)

Since I was a little girl I’ve been intrigued by the Danish King of Fairytales, Hans Christian Andersen.

All these fairytales are in the book!

b8 (1)

b9 (1)

I found the book in a secondhand store, in an area where the majority of the population probably never heard of HC Andersen. I am 100% sure the old lady that sold the book to me, never heard of him. I felt like I hit the jackpot!

b5 (1)

I don’t know how much the book is worth, but finding a beautiful piece like this one, has a sentimental value to me. I might sell it to a collector one day, but I’m sure happy that I got to see it!

b10 (1)

I know e-books is a big thing, and I sometimes read them too. However, it can not be compared to holding a beautiful book in your hands. At least that’s my opinion!

I hope your week got of to an amazing start! Do you prefer e-books? Or classical, hard cover books? Or maybe both?

Love & Light, Always



35 thoughts on “Original HC Andersen’s Fairy Tales

  1. So awesome! What a catch! With it being that old, I bet it smells wonderful. I loooooooove the smell of old books! 🙂 I love to read both types of books. I love my Kindle and e-books because I never have to be somewhere and be disappointed that I finish one book and don’t have another to pick up. But I’m also a paperback geek! I love the smell of new books, the smoothness of the glossy cover and the feel of the pages on my thumbpad as I flip through a book. Yes, I am a bit obsessed. Lol!!

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  2. I have read since I could read and I got my first library card when I was 6 or 7 years old. I read all my life and consider it my favorite activity. For me there is nothing like the real thing but I have do have a Kindle and about 75% of what I read is from it. I don’t have a problem with e-readers, a book is still a book…..but I love going back to a hard bound and reading like the old days, I appreciate it even more so. I am currently collecting my favorite books and those go into my bookcases. Wonderful post Maria!

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    • Books are the key to another world, literally! I so want to give the love of books to my daughter. She does enjoy books, but has a long way left before she can read them by herself. I learned to read as a five year old. I love reading. I read fast. I loved school, and I believe being a good reader from the start was a huge help. There’s so many doors that opened for me, because I’ve learned things from the books first. I’m not a horse trainer, but I’ve read the works of thousands of horse trainers from different countries and ages. Xenophon, and Pluvinet’s work are among my favorites, which you can download for free (they’ve been dead for so long.) The written word is a never ending treasure. Thank you for your kind words.

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  3. Det var en riktigt vacker bok!
    Visst är det roligt när man gör sådana där fynd.
    Tror som du att kvinnan i bokhandeln kanske aldrig hört talas om HC Andersen. 🙂
    Tycker Hayley också om att titta i böcker på bilder?

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    • Tack Anne-Marie 🙂 Jag undrar om barnen här läser HC Andersen’s sagor i skolan? Hayley älskar böcker. Det skulle inte förvåna mig om hon lär sig läsa i sommar. Just nu är böcker mycket intressant. Det var anledningen till att vi besökte secondhand affären, de har barn böcker för 20 cent. Min bok kostade hela $5…så den var ju dyr i jämförelse..



  4. What a beautiful book! Consider yourself lucky to have found such a gem!
    I adore books! I just couldn’t live without them, and so, naturally, e-books and/or audio books are not my thing at all. I enjoy holding the book and smelling it just as much as I enjoy reading the actual stories.
    Oh, and children’s books have a very special place in my bookworm heart! 🙂

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    • That is a wonderful thing! I believe in starting to read for the unborn child during pregnancy, and then continue the habit. It’s such a huge benefit for a child to “inherit” the love of books. That’s a great gift you gave your daughter.
      Thank you for your kind comment!

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