Stillness Beneath The Thunder

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Stillness beneath the thunder.

What if the mountain above me could speak?

Tell me its story?

What have you seen?

Her answer is silence.

Quiet peace.


Some thoughts inspired by Manzanita Lake, in Lassen Volcanic National Park (click on the photo to see available prints.) The white peak in the background is Lassen Peak. My daughter and I, made a trip up there yesterday. To see how much snow there was in the park. During winter most of the roads are closed. You’ll have to bring your snow shoes. Some time by the end of May, the majority of the park usually opens up. I think that is the most beautiful time for a visit, just when they open up after winter. The lakes, and creeks are full of water, and everything is alive.

They hadn’t opened up the main road yet, it was still too much snow. It was definitely worth a visit anyways. Manzanita Lake, in the photo above, is right by one of the entrances. That sight alone is worth a visit, right?

We could follow the road that passed by this lake for about ten more miles, before massive amounts of snow forced them to close the road. This park is one of my favorite places in the whole world, and our little adventure will be a separate post 🙂

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Love & Light, Always


12 thoughts on “Stillness Beneath The Thunder

  1. i think Mountains can tell us many lovely stories, at least, my imagination can make up several such ones! I adore Mountains, they are the witnesses of our lives, generations, epochs…they saw too much. They might be very wise! I love being next to them, they help us to become stronger! Your picture is fantastic, dear Maria! Great!

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  2. Har bara åkte genom Lassen Park. Det var min första sommar här när Michael och jag skulle åka till Lake Tahoe.
    Ser verkligen vackert ut.
    Det har kommit mer snö den gångna vintern men fortfarande är det ingenting jämfört med hur det var min första vinter 1998 och all snö som kom.

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  3. Ser verkligen helt underbart ut. Jag är beroende av berg, de är så häftiga tycker jag. Jag kan helt enkelt inte få nog av dem 🙂 Jag brukar åka till Denali i Maj, innan de öppnar parken för turister. På sommaren kommer man ju bara in med buss, eller cykel förstås. Nu på våren kan man köra en bra bit in i parken och sedan cykla därifrån! Det är planen för Söndag, men det är regn i sikte så vi får se hur det blir 🙂

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  4. Thanks Maria, for your kind comment on my about page. Beautiful words and image on Stillness and Thunder. My wife and I love Northern California and we visited Lassen National Park for or 5 years ago – it was stunning. I get the Thunder part 🙂

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    • Thank you! Your blog is very interesting. I share many of your thoughts.

      I guess you could say that I accidentally ended up in Northern California (long way from Sweden,) but I absolutely love it here. Mount Lassen, and Mount Shasta really defines this area, and gives it a very special character.


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