Amazing Places in Northern California: Lassen Volcanic National Park – Day 2

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Lassen Volcanic National Park (CA,) May 2016

We spent the second day in Lassen Volcanic National Park hiking near Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center. (See the first day here.)

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At the visitor center we watched a 20 min long movie about Mount Lassen, and its volcanic activity. Mount Lassen have roaring fumaroles (steam vents,) that tells us that this mountain is indeed an active volcano. We were told to stay on dedicated walking paths, and the main road only, to avoid getting burned from these. It was more than 100 years since Mount Lassen’s last eruption, but the mountain is still very much alive. The volcanic gas coming out from the fumaroles have a strong scent (almost like sewer,) its difficult to breath when close to them.

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The road was closed to vehicles, just above the visitor center. However, it was allowed to view the rest of the park by foot. We took advantage of that.

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We hiked a couple miles up the road, and enjoyed the snow-covered landscape. It was marvelous!

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16 thoughts on “Amazing Places in Northern California: Lassen Volcanic National Park – Day 2

  1. Loved your photos, one of these days I want to go back to Lassen. Wonderful to see all that good snow coverage. I remember camping there in September and it would dip in the 20’s at night. People have no clue that there are many areas that does get cold and that it does snow in California….you are helping to break that myth, a pet peeve of mine. People and their ideas of California, not all beaches, sun and warmth! 🙂

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  2. Så annorlunda Mt Lassen är jämfört med Mt Shasta.
    Mt Shasta verkar väldigt lugnt när jag läser vad du berättar om Mt Lassen.
    Bilden med Hayley och stenbumlingarna antar jag visar hur mycket snö som finns där. Helt otroligt.
    Så söta ni var på bilderna du tog i svartvitt. 🙂

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