Thank you!

A couple of you emailed me after yesterday’s post. Not about my garden, but about the photo that I posted on Instagram, of our horse wearing a tarp. Why on earth would I dress her in a tarp? It’s a legit question, and I love honest questions! Thank you!


This is partly an excerpt from a previous post, combined with the answer that I gave to my dear friends who emailed me yesterday. Maybe someone else is wondering why as well 🙂

Imagine a ride on your horse. It’s a beautiful, and sunny day. An hour into the ride, the wind picks up. You decide to turn around. You take the shortest way home, a dirt road with very little traffic. There’s some cars, and trucks driving by every once in a while. There’s a few houses. One of the houses have a clothe line full off laundry flapping in the wind. Another house have a metal mail box, that opens and close every time the wind increases. Someone is mowing their lawn. A dog barks. A plastic bag comes flying, and lands on your horse’s head, and falls down towards the ground, but get tangled up in one of your horse’s front legs. How does this scenario unfold in your head? I can see a few scenes that I wouldn’t like to experience, including the horse bolting, and running into traffic. 

To avoid these scenarios (including expensive vet & medical bills,) I prepare my horse. For the horse sake, and for mine. Things happen with horses, but there’s a lot that can be done to make every experience as pleasurable, and positive as possible. The mounted patrol spend a lot of time preparing their horses. Why wouldn’t I?

It works! Ariel is by nature a very reactive horse. Using horse terminology she would be described as a “right brain extrovert”, meaning that her instincts as a prey animal (to run when fear takes over,) is very close to the surface. Some horses don’t care much about what’s going on in their environment. Arabians are sensitive horses. They notice everything. Their intelligence, and eagerness to be with people, makes it relatively easy to gain their trust, and teach them new things. I see it as my responsibility to help her use the left side, the thinking side of her brain more. To make our time together safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

I really enjoy this side of being with horses. With many horses, and most definitely our Arabian Horse Ariel, you can easily see how proud they are of their own efforts, when you reward them with praise. Ariel loves our lessons, and often comes running from the other side of the pasture, begging for me to open the round-pen, where we usually play. One of my favorite things is watching a horse gain confidence, and afterwards enjoy spending time with a brave horse. That connection, and bond that you form, when guiding a horse in our crazy human world, is the most intense way I know, to be connected to Mother nature. Each horse that I’ve been blessed to spend time with, have taught me so much during this process. It’s definitely the gateway to another world. If your mind is open.

Love & Light, Always


PS. Be aware! I am not a horse trainer, just a girl who loves horses. I am not responsible for anything you decide to try!

11 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Jag var verkligen imponerad av den bilden, i och med att jag sett dessa träningar från köksfönstret hemma i Stockholm. Samma saker med kungens hästar, då de körs genom trafiken, får spårvagn och bussar som kör förbi, cyklar, barn smällare etc. de måste vara tränade för det, både för deras säkerhet och människor runt omkring.

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    • Det mĂĄste ha varit häftigt att ha den sortens underhĂĄllning frĂĄn köksfönstret! 🙂 Säkerhetstänk är sĂĄ viktigt med hästar. Jag adopterade Ariel med tanken att hon ska bli min dotters häst, sĂĄ det känns ännu mer viktigt nu.

      Glad Midsommar!


  2. hehe…..I was going to suggest in your first post, to flap that tarp but I figured one step at a time and you already had that in mind. Very smart training Maria 🙂 it is those little unexpected surprises that can turn real ugly fast. As much training and prepping you are doing, you are thinking ahead. Bravo!

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  3. I love Arabians, always have! And I do know, in general, they’re a bit more fired up than the regular working Quarterhorse. I like those too! lol Ariel is a gorgeous girl.


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