End Of July Garden Update

t3 (1)

Our cherry tomatoes aren’t quiet ripe yet, but they are hanging there on the plants in hundreds, and hundreds. If you haven’t tried growing your own cherry tomatoes yet, I can highly recommend it. It’s a very thankful, and forgiving plant.


t (1)

The tomato plants are almost 8ft high. My daughter and I planted them from seeds, by the end of April. We planted two garden beds with cherry tomatoes, that we later divided to four (when they grew out of proportion.) All four beds are around 8ft high now. It’s the perfect plant to grow with kids, they grow fast, and the tomatoes are very sweet.

t4 (1)

Next to the cherry tomatoes, our zucchini’s are exploding. We’ve been harvesting several zucchini’s a week, for about a month now. We only planted one garden bed with zucchini. Also a very easy vegetable to grow with kids. My daughter planted, and took care of this garden bed by herself. Some plants require a more exact amount of water, zucchinis are survivors! A little too little, or too much water doesn’t really bother them. Perfect for kids to take care of. The rich harvest makes for a great opportunity to practice giving to others as well. It feels very good to give something you nurtured by yourself.

t6 (1)
Peach tree seedlings
t5 (1)
Nectarine seedling

Our water melons are almost ready for harvest. Some are about the size of a soccer ball. I think we will harvest one tonight, just to try. We planted two different kinds, one with red fruit meat, and one with yellow. I believe it’s the red one that is closest to be harvest ready, but I’m not 100% sure. Someone mixed up the labels while we were planting them. lol. A fun side effect of involving kids in the process. 🙂

t8 (1)

t9 (1)

The pumpkins are still flowering. There’s a lot of flowers, and some smaller mini pumpkins are starting to become visible. They still have lots of growing left to do, but aren’t expected to be ready until mid-end October. I believe they are just fine.

Pumpkin10 (1)
Pumpkin flower

t11 (1)

Mini pumpkin…

I planted the sunflowers in hope that they would bloom on my daughter’s birthday. Four of them actually did 🙂 I’m happy with that!

s (1)

s2 (1)

Our fruit trees will not bear any fruit in the next three years, but harvest season is in full bloom around us. My daughter and I have been trading our (mostly mine, don’t worry..) labor, picking apples, and peaches on surrounding farms, towards part of the harvest. (I need a bigger freezer!) Harvest season is a wonderful season, and makes the thought of the approaching fall enjoyable. Right now we still have temperature in the three digits. Yesterday we had a high of 113, the highest so far this year. The garden thrives in the plentiful sun, as long as the plants have enough water. I water the garden twice a day now, in the morning, and the evening.

I hope you enjoyed the garden update. Working towards my dream of having homestead on a few acres, and producing the majority of our food myself. Not there yet, but every day is one step closer!

I love your comments and ideas!

Love & Light, Always


9 thoughts on “End Of July Garden Update

  1. I used to grow tiny cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets outside the front door instead of flowers – the girls would pick handfuls to eat on the bus to school in the morning!


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