Equine Macro Photography Canvas Print featuring the photograph Miss Beautiful by Maria Jansson

Some people say that you shouldn’t look a horse in his eyes. I don’t think it’s a great idea to stare in a rude, or challenging way, but I can not help myself from getting lost in their beautiful eyes. They speak so loudly.

 Paint Horses 2015 Canvas Print featuring the photograph Paint Horses 2015 by Maria Jansson

In this week’s photo challenge at the Daily Post the theme is RareThese images shows three very rare eyes, belonging to three different young Paint Horses.

Blue Eyed Colt Canvas Print featuring the photograph Blue Eyed Colt by Maria Jansson


Show me your Rare! 

I hope your week started out the best possible way 🙂

Love & Light, Always,


PS. Want to see this art on your wall? Click on the photos, and you will see available print options, sizes, and pricing. I’m using a professional photo lab for my prints, and there’s a money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied. You can safely pay with any credit card. We ship world wide.

21 thoughts on “Rare

  1. I like to be looked in the eye but only if the person looking is looking unagressively. I have met horses with blue eyes and they are absolutely compelling … these images are magical.

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    • Our eyes say so much. If I have an important, in person conversation with someone, and that person doesn’t look me in the eye, I’m having a problem taking them seriously. On the other hand, sometimes just looking into someones eyes can confirm a feeling of connection, without words. I think it’s a beautiful blessing.
      Thank you ❤

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  2. my neighbor has a horse that is all white an has blue eyes is a trip..to lewk @ an needs to be shielded in the direct sunlight..a lot…so he gets da’ privy of wearin da mask during bright days…

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