Winter Is Coming – Prepping My Garden For Colder Weather


Fall is definitely here. I really like it. After surviving my first hot summer in the Sacramento Valley (CA,) the cooler weather is a gift. I do really enjoy gardening in this area, and I can handle the heat of the summer, but I LOVE fall. It’s still warm (around 80 degrees,) during the day time, but the mornings are in the 40’s now, and it cools off after 5pm (the hottest time during the summer months.) I love it! We are suppose to get rain this week, and highs in the upper 60’s. That’s like winter weather

For about a months time I have been preparing my garden for this. I’ve built two greenhouses, and I’ve started to get them organized. At first I was thinking of having one greenhouse for vegetables, and one for fruit trees. I realized that I had so many fruit tree seedlings, that I had to move some of them into the greenhouse for vegetables, to make room for my potted olive trees. I have six potted olive trees. They would of survived outside if they were planted in the ground. Since they are in pots, they need to be more protected. With the cooler weather coming up, I moved them into their greenhouse this past weekend. They each weigh 100+lbs. I purchased a garden cart earlier this week, to be able to work smarter in my garden. Very thankful for that!

I tried to push the trees up onto the cart (having taken the sides off,) using a piece of wood as a bridge. At first it didn’t work, the cart kept moving away, when the tree was almost on it. I placed a heavy weight on the handle of the cart, in front of it, and I also asked my daughter to sit on the cart, to add more weight. That worked! It was still a real effort to get my six olive trees in place. Now they are all enjoying their new home.


The last trees to go into the greenhouse will be my fig trees. I currently have four potted fig trees. Two of them are big, and will probably start to bear fruit next summer. Their beautiful leaves are starting to fall off, and I am going to wait with their move until they’ve dropped all their leaves. They don’t need light after they lost their leaves, but I don’t have any other place than the greenhouse to protect them from the elements. I’m thinking it will be OK, they will be in a non-heated greenhouse.

The newly planted tomatoes, squash, and bell peppers, are thriving in their greenhouse. Looking forward to see how they progress. I have not had vegetables throughout the winter before, but I am hoping to have that this year. That was a little update from my organic backyard garden. Do you have a garden? Tell me about your crops! If you have any tips for winter gardening, I’d love to hear it!

Have a wonderful day!






10 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming – Prepping My Garden For Colder Weather

  1. Oh, dear Maria, you work so hard on arranging your winter garden, hope you are physically well. I know that garden work requires a lot of physical efforts, it can be pretty tough. However, I know that you are a strong woman. But still do take care! Hugs and support wishes to you and your wonderful daughter!😊

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    • Thank you! That’s my hope! I have never actually done it before, because I’ve never spent this much time in a USDA son 9 before. The greenhouses aren’t heated, but decently insulated, and ventilated. We’ll see what kind of winter we’ll get. I know my young trees will survive, which was my main motivator. Fresh vegetables would be awesome, and I think it is very possible 🙂 It’s an experiment. Learning by doing.


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