This week, share what “local” means to you, and show us where your heart is.

The theme for the weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post is Local. At first I thought a four letter word, about the difficulty of this challenge. I moved so many time, and experienced so many exciting places. I only lived four years in the town where I was born. I hardly call that home. I’ve only lived one year in the little town I live in now. Even though I like some things about this town, it’s not home, and I am definitely not a local.

As I continue to read the inspirational post at The Daily Post, things are clearing up inside my head. The author shares a photo from a pub in Dublin, even though she lives on the other side of the world. In her words; I felt like I belonged, a part of the local community.

I thought to myself, I have a place like that too! Not so many people know about my love for this particular town. Sometimes I go there with friends, and sometimes by myself. Every time, I’m so happily surprised with the warm friendly atmosphere that folds me in like a warm blanket of friendliness. I love all the small family owned restaurants in this little town. I love the western spirit. I love all the horses. Of course I also love the endless big sky, and mountains that surrounds it.


I definitely feel a strong sense of belonging here, even though I have never lived there. I took this photo less than ten minutes from downtown! Can you see what it is that I love? I’ve heard that you either love, or hate the endless sea of sagebrush that covers large regions of Nevada. I personally love everything about it! Especially the smell early in the morning. I was having a tailgate party all by myself, enjoying the sunrise, and a strong cup of coffee when I took this photo. The town I keep returning to is Winnemucca. Have you ever been there?

Do you have a place like this? I would love to know what Local means to you!

Happy Friday!





40 thoughts on “Local

  1. Love this picture. And actually I have been to Winnemucca, though it was long ago. It might be more accurate to say that I drove by the town on I – 70 on a rather epic road trip from San Fran to Detroit. But, I still fondly remember driving across the Nevada desert in August in a car without air conditioning. The Dr. Pepper really tasted good at the gas station we stopped at!

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    • Thank you so much Tom!

      Then you’ve felt the heat 🙂 The first time I visited Nevada, I was on the way home (California) from a cross-country trip with my rv. I liked it so much that I decided to spend a few months there observing wild horses. You can see the result here http://www.blurb.com/b/4598887-nevada-mustangs. This was three years ago, and I’ve started to work on a second edition. It is very exciting! I’ve explored so many more areas since the first book, and encountered many bands of horses that I didn’t know existed while making the first book.

      I hope your weekend got of to a wonderful start!


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  2. I have been through Winnemucca many times growing up on our way to Idaho but don’t remember much about it. My parents were married in Lovelock which is 30 miles or so away. I love how you have such a refreshing eye and viewpoint of Nevada. I haven’t ever truly appreciated Nevada except for the Carson Valley….ooh, the prettiest sunset I have ever seen. Your photo is gorgeous by the way.

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  3. It’s a stunning photograph of a beautiful place but the thing that touches me most are your words. I’ve been a gypsy in my life too and at first glance it would seem difficult to pin what that word means but when you add in your feelings, your heartfelt feelings for a place, irrespective of where it is or how actually rooted you are to it, you have the real definition of local in my vernacular which is that it is somewhere that you belong. And what a lovely place to feel your hand fits the glove! 🙂

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  4. Never stopped in Winnemucca, but I’ve driven past on the I-80 – next time, we’ll stop!
    Definitely agree about the desert, and sagebrush, it’s irresistible!
    When I lived in the UK, “going to the local” meant going to the pub (bar), and old British pubs often have great atmosphere – at least, they do if they haven’t been modernized.
    Loved your photo!

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    • I like that drive on the I-80, especially right after Winnemucca. There’s many fascinating places to stop, and a couple cool ghost towns. ..and yes, sagebrush is irresistible!

      When I think of UK, I think of all the neighborhood pubs. I bet it is almost like going to church (forgive the comparison,) meeting up with your tribe at the local pub.

      Thank you!


  5. A truly wonderful picture and description about your place! I think I will be a bit predictable if I say that I feel local in my city where I was born. Even though I am not blindly in love with this city, I do recognize how imprefect it has become, however, there is something magically warm about it. Though I also find myself extremely well in the other Ukrainian city called L’viv, whenever I come there I feel myself like at home!

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