Nevada Adventures

Mustangs From Lockwood Nevada Wood Print featuring the photograph 41. Lockwood Mustangs by Maria Jansson

I never get tired of looking at wild horses. It gets my adrenaline pumping every time. Even the most serene, quiet poses of wild horses grazing gets me really excited. I’m trying to share the experience with you through my photos, because it really means something to me.

I have a birthday coming up later this week, and I’m going to spend my birthday weekend photographing wild horses. That is, if I can find them. I know of many places where they possibly could be, but after all they are wild, so you never know. Either way, I am really excited!!

The photo in today’s post is a wood print on maple tree, featuring a beautiful mustang family rounded up in Lockwood (10 miles East of Reno,) by the Nevada Department of Agriculture, in the fall of 2013. They wandered around on local highways, and had to be rescued for their own good. These photos are from when they were moved from a temporary foster home outside Reno, to a forever home, an early, cold morning, in January 2015. They are now living at a sanctuary. After this weekend I’m hoping to bring you photos of horses living happily in the wild 🙂

I hope you’re having an amazing week!




Wood Prints

I recently started to print my photos on maple wood, and I am very happy with he outcome! It’s an exciting new venue. My grandfather was a very talented artist, and he often used wood as a medium for his art. As a little girl I loved the warmth his master pieces created. They weren’t just decoration, they made a room come alive. Maybe that’s why the warm feeling I get when looking at these wood prints are so appealing to me? Through the years I’ve tried many different ways of displaying my photos. This is beyond anything I’ve tried so far. The wood transfers the energy, and feel I have when interacting with the horses. I’m very pleased with the texture of the maple wood. It makes my photos come alive. I can see my wood prints becoming part of my signature as an Equine Fine Art Photographer. Here are some samples for you to enjoy!

California Morning Wood Print featuring the photograph Early Morning by Maria Jansson

There are D-clips on the back of the print for mounting it to your wall using mounting hooks and nails (included).

Blue Eyed Colt Wood Print featuring the photograph Blue Eyed Colt by Maria Jansson

Virginia Range Mustangs Wood Print featuring the photograph Virginia Range Mustangs by Maria Jansson
Virginia Range Mustangs Wood Print featuring the photograph Virginia Range Mustangs by Maria Jansson

Click on any photo you like, to view available sizes, and pricing.

Mustang Wood Print featuring the photograph A Family Affair by Maria Jansson
Mustang Wood Print featuring the photograph A Mustang In The Mirror by Maria Jansson
Mustang Wood Print featuring the photograph Thirsty Mustang by Maria Jansson


When you order prints from my gallery they will arrive in a timely manner, at the highest quality, professionally packed. We deliver worldwide. There’s a money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


PS. I’m SO excited about this, did I tell you? Feel free to share this post with friends that you think would appreciate the healing energy of horses on their homes!


Photography for me is a passion, a mixture of science and art that creates magic.

– Scott MacQuarrie


Mustang Macro Wood Print featuring the photograph Mustang Macro by Maria Jansson

You already know it! Horses are magical to me. There’s so many of them owning pieces of my heart. Some that I’ve owned (more likely they owned me) through the years, and some that I’ve met briefly, that left a big hoof print on my heart.

Breathe Wood Print featuring the photograph Breathe by Maria Jansson

The mustang in today’s post is a young bachelor stallion, that I met by chance near Pyramid Lake (NV.) I was walking on a trail near the lake, when I felt that someone was watching me. I looked around but didn’t see anyone. The feeling of being watched stayed with me, but it was not in a creepy way. It was a curious feeling carried by the wind. After I while I stopped, and sat down for a minute. Then this guy stepped out on the trail. I had a light snack, and continued on my way. He tagged along, keeping a distance of about 40 ft. This went on for a couple hours.

Equine Macro Photography Wood Print featuring the photograph The Eye Of The Soul by Maria Jansson


He never showed any signs of aggression, and kept a respectful distance. I enjoyed his quiet company. It felt like spending time with a long time friend. You know when words aren’t needed. When it feels like more than enough to share a silent moment.

I haven’t been back to this area since that day, and haven’t seen him again, but it was one of those moments that I will carry with me forever. Magic.

For this week’s challenge, find some magic, and charm us with it.

Have a wonderful week!




PS. I have these photos printed on maple wood, and LOVE them. These wood prints gives any room a warm feeling. There are D-clips on the back of the print for mounting it to your wall using mounting hooks and nails (included). Click on any photo you like, to view available sizes, and pricing.


I recently wrote a post about how much I love to observe wild horses in Nevada. One of the things I cherish the most is watching young horses play. Even though it sometimes can look pretty wild, it’s a beautiful dance.

Young Mustangs Playing Framed Print featuring the photograph Young Mustangs Playing 1 by Maria Jansson


If you are anything like me, the first thing you noticed in this photo was the two horses standing on their hind legs, right? Look again! There’s five more horses in very close proximity to the horses standing on two legs. They are all eating grass! Nothing dangerous going on here. Just some friendly playtime.

Young Mustangs Framed Print featuring the photograph Young Mustangs Playing 2 by Maria Jansson


This was several minutes later, and they are still playing!

Young Horses Playing Framed Print featuring the photograph Young Mustangs Playing 4 by Maria Jansson


A few minutes later the roles have changed, and there’s another horse in the dominant position. The dance goes on for several more minutes. There’s no aggression involved, just a friendly wrestling game between friends.

Friends Framed Print featuring the photograph Friends by Maria Jansson


…and a few minutes later everyone set their eyes on greener pasture, starting to walk up into the foothills. They are walking close together, almost constantly touching each other. Horses are very affectionate. This is a family group that belongs together.

Wild horses are wild, for sure, but the amount of time they spend fighting like we see it on National Geographic, or in dramatic photos, is extremely limited. Most of the time, not seldom around 18 hours/day, they are eating grass. The rest of the time they are either moving around, walking to food, or water, playing with friends, or sleeping.


The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact 
with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom. – Sharon Ralls Lemon


I find this quote especially true while watching wild horses play 🙂 I hope you had a fantastic day!



We are what we eat

I read an interesting article this morning about clean eating. In theory most of us probably know that what we eat affects the quality of our life, but in our every day life it takes dedication to actually live by this knowledge.

I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to this, but I do make eating good, healthy food a priority for me and my daughter. I educate myself about nutrition and health, I try to stick to my well thought out shopping list when I go grocery shopping, I try to grow our vegetables myself etc. This is something important to me. As a mom I believe that giving my daughter the gift of a healthy lifestyle plays a major role in setting her up for success. That includes not only the physical food we eat, but also what we feed our minds and our souls with.

I had an interesting conversation with one of my friends a couple weeks ago. She is also a homeschooling mom. We actually met not very long ago, while playing with out daughters in a park. We both immediately felt that we clicked. One of the things that our conversations often comes back to is the fact that we are the only ones among our (different) circle(s) of friends, that have rules when it comes to what our children can watch on TV, and how much. What kind of music they can listen to and so on. I know that we are not alone in having these rules, even though we seem to be pretty alone in our area. Of course what we feed ourselves with when it comes to entertainment has a great impact on the outcome, right?  That belief is such an integral part of who I am, that I feel sick watching violence on TV. Tell me your thoughts? If you are a parent, I am very interested in your opinion!


High Standards Framed Print featuring the photograph High Standards by Maria Jansson


I hope your week is awesome! Have a blessed day!