Virginia City, Nevada

One of the stops on my recent roadtrip was Virginia City (NV.) Famous from the western tv series Bonanza.


This is the Bucket Of Blood, the saloon that they frequently visit in the series. It looks almost identical nowadays. (They also have very good beer, something I didn’t get to taste this time, since I was driving.)

Virginia City is a very exotic place, in its own way. Everything looks like the way it was in the wild west, when this town was a sparkling mining town, where many people got extremely rich during the Comstock discovery. The old houses are well kept, and many are open to the public, either as gift shops, or museums.



We were very lucky and saw many wild horses roaming around old mining equipment in the outskirts of town. This photo is from Gold Hill, very close to the Comstock mine. These horses are Virginia Range mustangs, not BLM mustangs. We explored different parts of the Virginia Range, and Pine Nut Mountain HMA during this trip. I’m looking forward to share many more photos with you. This is just a little teaser 😉


Have a wonderful day!



15 thoughts on “Virginia City, Nevada

  1. I used to watch Bonanza when I was a girl. I was obsessed with the Wild West …. an unrequited love that still beats strong in my heart. I really love that image of the saloon with the fellows climbing up the outside and the horses at the old mine – really its an iconic image to me 😊


  2. Oh Maria, I just love the photo AND Virginia City… I’ve been there many years ago and I still miss that place. It’s as if (well at least, when I was there) time had stopped. A real Wild West window…

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  3. I have had a beer in the Bucket of Blood Saloon wearing motorcycle leathers, I felt like part of a 50’s movie. 🙂 You are correct it is very exotic and makes you feel like you step back in time. The cemetery is very unique as well, I’m looking forward to seeing more photos.

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    • I bet! It does feel like a step back in time, when entering that saloon, and several other houses in the city. I love the sidewalks as well! The cemetery is interesting. I visited at night once, hoping to get some good photos of the full moon. It happened to be very cloudy that night, but it was an experience anyways 🙂

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  4. I remember my Gran used to love Bonanza because they were the Cartwrights, and that was her maiden name. Thinks like that didn’t pass down though: I’m Andy Murray but I don’t like tennis!

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