Two pregnant mustang mares, and a foal. Relaxing, half asleep, in the midday sun, during a cold december day. Photo taken outside Reno (NV.) I took this photo last weekend, and thought it would be perfect for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax.

Horses are prey animals, they actually have enemies that eats them. Despite this, they can relax, in the middle of a wilderness, with mountain lions lurking around behind the sage brush. Their ability to live in the moment, is something that amazes, and inspire me. Did you know that they have a locking mechanism in their knees, allowing them to sleep standing up? They do lay down to sleep sometimes as well, but for a midday nap like this one it’s just perfect. If a danger would appear out of nowhere, it also helps them to take action quicker, they are less vulnerable compared to if they were laying down.

I’ve started to add photos of mustangs from my recent trip to Pine Nut Mountain HMA, and the Virginia Range toΒ my online gallery. I took hundreds, and it’s going to take some time going through them all. I love it! I see so many details that my camera captured, that I actually didn’t notice in the moment.

Have a wonderful day today!



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14 thoughts on “Relax

  1. Love your facts and love the pictures your explained it so perfectly😍😍😍😍

    Do check out my blog posts I’m new to the blogging world would love to know what you think 😊


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