My Number One Feel Good Thing

Ever since I was a little girl, horses have been my number one feel good thing. No matter where in space and time I am, spending time with horses makes my soul smile. Doing nothing with horses, just breathing, being in the moment, that’s my remedy for everything. Yes, I love riding horses as well. I love just about everything about horses.

If I had to choose one activity, and exclude all the others, it would be; just to do nothing with them. Quietly sit on the range watching wild horses graze. Or in a horse pasture, letting them come up and breathe on my face. Just watch them being horses. That makes me feel grounded. Connected to something higher, and more important than myself, and my small problems (whatever they might be.)

Wild Horse Annies Mustangs Wood Print featuring the photograph Wild Horse Annies Mustangs by Maria Jansson


I believe that sharing my number one feel good thing with others like YOU, are part of my purpose here. Since it makes me feel incredible, of course I want you to be able to feel the same way! Cheers to feeling good!



Be well my friend,




Gallery: Maria-Jansson.Pixels.Com


Disclaimer: The horses in today’s wood print are wild horses. Horses in general are potentially dangerous animals, wild horses in particular can be very dangerous. Do not approach! Spending time with horses is something I treasure, I do not recommend anything, except enjoying my photos. Everything you choose to do is on your own risk.

9 thoughts on “My Number One Feel Good Thing

  1. Each time you post It reminds me to sit down and take a moment to reflect and enjoy life. For me it is the wild horses, the land they inhabit, and in addition the beach with waves pounding. This morning I noticed your disclaimer…and laughter at myself… I was photographing the Pryor Mountain Mustangs a few years ago…and decided to lay down out in a rock flat and see if the horses would come closer…well they did and it was not pretty…I was two close to a young foal and nearly was stomped… The only thing that saved me was a stallion also got to close and it started a big fight..and allowed me to escape to safety… wise these are wild and free creatures …so love them…

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  2. Awe, thank you so much for telling me Doug! I’ve had a couple scares myself, when horses appeared out of nowhere surprising me, and themselves. I have seen things that people done that makes my blood freeze, including a couple parents that told their toddler to go pet the horses so they could take a picture, WILD HORSES!
    BTW I would love to see the Pryor Mountain Mustangs, it’s on my bucket list!

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  3. Yes. Yes and for the disclaimer also Yes! They are wonderful creatures but I am always aware of where I am in relation to my horse. Where are my feet? His feet? Is there something happening behind him? A person with a weed whacked? A trailer pulling into the yard? Might he be startled? My Vet is capable of leaping backwards 15 feet if a horse moves too fast toward him. He told me he learned that in Vet school!

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    • I bet he knows what he is doing! And even if we think we’re aware of possible “lions in the bushes” we never really know what might trigger a horse. I had a great relationship with a mustang, one day I was wearing a new jacket, he thought a monster was eating me. The jacket was a big and warm winter jacket. He took matters in his own “hands” (teeth) and ripped it off me. He did not hurt me at all, but it taught me that we never really know what these magnificent creatures deem as a threat.

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