Planning 2017’s Garden


I absolutely love this time of the year! The time to plan, and soon plant, a garden. It’s exciting times!


The photo above is of my daughter, super proud over her zucchini’s, that she grew all by herself. We are mostly into growing food, a lot of food. This morning I wrote a list of the container garden we have now, and the annual garden I want to plant this year. It’s all based on what we enjoy eating. We are not vegetarians, but we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, because we like it! This is the list I came up with.



Container garden:

6 Olive Trees

4 Fig trees (2 one year old + 2 three year olds.)

1 Nectarine Tree (1 year old.)

1 White Peach Tree (2-3 year old.)

4 Elberta Peach Trees (1 year old.)

1 Pomegranate tree (2-3 year old? Maybe get a couple more for better pollination?)

1 Sweet Cherry Tree (2-3 year old. Maybe get one other variety? Usually a good idea for better fruiting.)

1 Wild Plum Tree (BIG, and very beautiful.)

A bunch of 1-2 year old apple and pear trees of unknown variety.



Annual Vegetable Garden:

Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes (LOTS, my daughter’s favorite vegetable..)

Corn (my daughter’s second favorite.)




Sweet Bell Peppers

Jalapeno Hot Peppers

Baby Spinach





Should I ad something to my annual garden? What did I forget? (We live in hardiness zone 9, with long hot summers.) I always love new ideas!!

I am going to make a garden at a new location. So I have to figure out what kind of garden beds I want to have. Something I’m planning on dedicating this weekend to. I’d love ideas about that as well. Last year I made garden beds out of old tires. It worked, but I might try something different this year. I want a bigger garden! I do like the ideas of garden beds, I feel that it makes me more in control. Bring it on! I want to hear all about your successful garden tips!



23 thoughts on “Planning 2017’s Garden

  1. Not sure about your climate, but I’d add an apricot tree, also how about cucumbers and green beans? One other thing I like, is in one corner to have some flowers, such as roses,or dahlias, for cutting and putting in vases in the house. Happy planting!

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    • Thank you! I have been thinking about apricot trees. If there is space left, I would like to add a few. They do very well here, and are easy to come by. We have very similar mediterranean climate. For some reason I haven’t succeeded with any beans yet, but maybe I should give it another try? I am going to plant some cucumbers. When it comes to flowers, my daughter like to plant sunflowers. It’s so fascinating to see them grow 🙂 I like lavender, both for their beauty, and their lovely cent.


  2. Ooh, a fellow gardener. Love the photo of your garden and happy to help daughter. I love to grow things, but I still haven’t learned what to plant where at our new house yet. The backyard gets too hot during the summer time, so my husband put up some shade. The front is too shady, so I had to find some shade loving flowers to put there. I hope I can figure it out soon, I’ve lost a lot of inside and outside plants. The house came with three fruit tree that we need to cut back in the falls. I think we cut them back too late. *sigh*

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  3. Nice! I am a vegetarian but I will eat some fish and eggs, as well as dairy products. Basically, no warm-blooded mammals or residues. All those veggies are delicious. Could I make other suggestions? Of course, there is plenty to choose. Not knowing your size of garden? It behooves me to be discreet. Though, if it were my garden? Then I might add beets and swiss chard to the list? Looking at your photo, it appears the containers are huge tires? Whatever you do grow. Make sure the soil is replenished and veggies mulched. Good luck… enjoy! Cheers Jamie.

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    • Thank you for your suggestion! I like to grow beets and swiss chard in my fall garden. The summers are too hot here. Fall is perfect 🙂 I just have to be a little patient with some vegetables 🙂 The photo is from last years garden. I live on a different place now, and will be building new garden beds. I haven’t decided how yet. Thank you so much for your input Jamie.

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  4. Som jag skrev på FB förstod jag att det var en bild från förra sommaren. 🙂 Härlig bild på Hayley. Inte dåligt vad du planerar att odla många olika slags växter. Hur trivs ni förresten i er nya bostad? Kram!


  5. I also love corn! Hm, don’t know what to advice since we have a usual garden in usual piece of land, nothing special, and it’s quite difficult. I just love your idea and list, you will have an amazing garden! Take care and good luck!


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