Dreams Should Be Lived #MyFirstPostRevisited

Who am I? I’m a Swedish girl with an obsession of horses, residing in Nevada (USA.) I spend as much time as I possibly can outdoors; hiking, camping, looking at wild horses, or playing with my mustang. I LOVE taking road trips. I’m a dreamer, the kind that goes after her dreams.

My grandmother gave me my first camera when I was five years old, and I’ve been taking photos ever since; different cameras, different people, different countries, but it’s highly unusual to see me without my camera.

I only have a couple addictions that I don’t want to live without; strong coffee in the morning, wide open spaces, the joy of hearing my daughters laugh, country music, the pleasure of being around a brave horse, and ending each day in peace.

I recently moved to Reno (NV,) and I am in the process of taking my photography business to the next level. Horses is my number one passion, and have been since before I could walk. Naturally there’s been a focus on horses in my photography business as well. Lately I’ve discovered a demand for other forms of outdoor portraits, and after some consideration decided to start all over with a new business plan, a new website (actually two; one gallery, and one blog,) and do it under a new name.

It’s a little scary to start all over, when you already have a working concept, but I know that I would regret it if I didn’t follow my gut instinct in this. Imagination is the only limit, and I’ve always had a vivid imagination.

One of my personal goals is to ride The Tevis Cup, (the worlds toughest endurance race.) I hope to ride my Virginia Range Mustang, that I adopted in December of last year. It’s a long term goal, and it’s going to take us at least two years to get there. It’s certainly a very exciting project, I love every minute I get to spend with him. He is a real character, and you will definitely see, and read about our journey here on the blog.


Maria Jansson Photography specializes in Fine Art Prints of Western Landscapes, Outdoor Action Events, Ranch Portraits, Expressive Outdoor Portraits; of people, dogs, and horses. Did I mention that I would love to meet you, and your family; four, and two legged?! Don’t hesitate to contact me at MariaJanssonPhotography@gmail.com, to get a customized quote for your photo session. Imagination is the only limit! 

You can find photos from photo sessions, in the gallery, along with beautiful Fine Art Prints.

You can read more about the photos, offers, and upcoming events here on my blog.

Of course you will find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. Let’s get to know each other!

Feel free to share my posts, and leave comments, I will get back to you!  See you around!

All the best,

Maria Jansson


PS. I apologize in advance for grammatical errors. English is not my first language, but I am working hard to improve my sometimes horrible grammar.

My Number One Feel Good Thing

Ever since I was a little girl, horses have been my number one feel good thing. No matter where in space and time I am, spending time with horses makes my soul smile. Doing nothing with horses, just breathing, being in the moment, that’s my remedy for everything. Yes, I love riding horses as well. I love just about everything about horses.

If I had to choose one activity, and exclude all the others, it would be; just to do nothing with them. Quietly sit on the range watching wild horses graze. Or in a horse pasture, letting them come up and breathe on my face. Just watch them being horses. That makes me feel grounded. Connected to something higher, and more important than myself, and my small problems (whatever they might be.)

Wild Horse Annies Mustangs Wood Print featuring the photograph Wild Horse Annies Mustangs by Maria Jansson


I believe that sharing my number one feel good thing with others like YOU, are part of my purpose here. Since it makes me feel incredible, of course I want you to be able to feel the same way! Cheers to feeling good!



Be well my friend,



Blog: MJanssonPhotography.com

Gallery: Maria-Jansson.Pixels.Com


Disclaimer: The horses in today’s wood print are wild horses. Horses in general are potentially dangerous animals, wild horses in particular can be very dangerous. Do not approach! Spending time with horses is something I treasure, I do not recommend anything, except enjoying my photos. Everything you choose to do is on your own risk.

How to choose the right piece of art, that will empower, and inspire you for a long time?

Decorating a home is something many people love to do. For others it can be a dreadful task. I’m a minimalist. I enjoy beautiful things, and clean surfaces. My home(s) are always simple, and inviting. There is nothing formal about them. When I choose what to hang on my walls I follow the same principle that I have for the rest of my home. I ask myself, how do I want to feel when I am in this room?

In my living room I have beautiful high desert landscapes, with wild horses. In this room the horses are peacefully interacting with each other, drinking water, or grazing. I have the same theme in my office, but here the horses radiate a wild energy, thundering through a river. In my office I need to get things done! In my daughter’s bedroom I have a big canvas with a closeup of a mustang mare, and her foal. It has warm, earthy colors, and radiates a soft, nurturing feeling. This is my daughter’s safe place, and I want her to feel the love that surrounds her.

Yesterday I was approached by a gentleman looking for a gift for his wife. They’d been married many years, and the gentleman knew his wife well. He described her in a few sentences, and what she enjoyed about the horses in her life. I loved helping him finding the perfect gift! This is one of the things I enjoy the most with my photography, creating a lasting source of empowering inspiration. To be empowering, it has to be right for the recipient.

Touch Wood Print featuring the photograph Touch by Maria Jansson


Based on what the gentleman told me about his wife I picked these two empowering photos, that I thought would be just right for her. He actually already had one of these two picked out as a favorite, before I pointed it out to him. He picked that one, I’m not going to tell you which one it was 😉


I picked wood prints, because the wood transfers the energy, and feel I have when interacting with the horses. These photos are printed directly onto a sheet of thick maple wood, with D-clips on the back of the print. Making it super easy to mount them to a wall. (I always included mounting hooks and nails with my orders.)


Virginia Range Mustangs Wood Print featuring the photograph Virginia Range Mustangs by Maria Jansson


If you ever need help in finding that perfect gift for someone you love, don’t hesitate to contact me. It would be my greatest pleasure to be of service!



Me – The Person Behind The Lens


Even though I try to keep my “Start Here Page” up-to-date, I thought it was about time to add a new profile picture as well. I personally like “knowing” the person behind a product, or a service. So this is me, working in my garden today. It’s been raining a lot for a couple days, and I am very grateful for the new hat I got for my birthday earlier this month! I hope YOU are having a wonderful start of the weekend!




20 Habits That Makes Me Happy



The Best Kind of Happiness Is a Habit You’re Passionate About. 

– Shannon L. Alder


The quote above was the headline to an inspiring blog post, that I read this morning. (Please take the time to read the original article!) It started a chain reaction in my brain. Of course, it’s nothing new really, but it’s the things that we do over, and over again that makes us either happy, or sad. It’s the habits that makes us succeed, or fail with something. It’s habits that makes us keep a healthy weight. It’s habits that makes it possible for ordinary people to be extraordinary. If we have something in our life that makes us really happy, we should make it a priority to turn that happiness into a habit. Maybe especially when we are stressed, and don’t have time for it. It’s those habits that keeps us going.


Bringing my camera everywhere, time in nature with my daughter, and road trips, are among my happiness habits! I took this photo of my daughter, on a road trip to Lake Tahoe (CA,) last year.


I started out writing about five habits that makes me happy, just to realize that there’s so many more things that I intentionally do, that creates happiness in my life. Five habits, turned into twenty!


20 Habits That Makes Me Happy:

  • Sleeping 7 hours/night (makes me feel awesome. I don’t always do it.)
  • Getting up early in the morning (I LOVE watching the sunrise, and then start the days project early.)
  • Exercise every day (one way, or another I do exercise every day.)
  • Spending time in nature with my daughter every day, (very high on my priority list. EXPLORING, seeing the world through her beautiful eyes.)
  • Bringing my camera (If I leave somewhere, even if it’s only to g to the grocery store, I bring my camera.)
  • Sharing my photos with others.
  • Smiling to strangers.
  • Saying something positive to everyone I talk to. (I hate flatter, I always try to look for something genuine. Something beautiful, or positive with the person I talk to, or the situation we’re in.)
  • Really listen to what people tell me, (without thinking about my answer.)
  • Using the phrase ”Thank you! ” a lot.
  • Eating healthy (gives me energy, makes me feel, and look better.)
  • Surrounding myself with positive people as much as possible. (Yes, I purposely avoid spending time with negative people, when it’s up to me. Because it makes me negative, and depressed.)
  • Reading books that inspire me to become better/learn something.
  • Blogging. (The whole process of exchanging inspiration with other bloggers; writing, reading, sharing photos, improving my English, practicing my Swedish, learning new things, making friends.)
  • Going on road trips every month (short ones counts too. Opens my mind, and helps me think outside the box.)
  • Spending time in the mountains. (Mountains makes me feel alive.)
  • Riding a brave horse.
  • Hiking. (Exercise, time with my daughter, and photo opportunities all in one!)
  • Being the boss over my own time. (Saying yes to life is my motto, learning when to say NO, have been one of my biggest challenges in life so far. Without saying NO to some things, I don’t get to say YES to the things I really want.)
  • Dedicating time to meditate over everything I have to be grateful for every week. (I have a gratitude journal, and host MJP Gratitude Challenge every Saturday. I encourage you to participate in my gratitude challenge, sharing something you are grateful. Tag your post MJP Gratitude Challenge. I want to read it! Here’s an example of what it can look like, here’s another one from one amazing blogging friend, in France.


Meditating next to Burney Falls (CA.)


Hiking in the high desert (NV.)


This is not a practice round, this is not preparation – my life is happening now. 


Road Trip (CA.)


When I was younger I got frustrated a lot, (mind you, I’m still young, I just said younger,) it took me a long time to realize what makes me happy. I would say that it is a balance of taking good care of myself, and feeding my soul, so that I have something to give to others. A habit is something we do over, and over again. Turning those things into habits, is something we have to do intentionally, no-one else is going to makes sure you do things that creates happiness in your world. It’s your responsibility. Thank you for reading so far 🙂 Your turn!

Tell me about some of the habits that creates happiness in your life!

Love & Light, Always