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Going on a road trip always makes me feel on top of my world (along with jeans that fits just right, boots, and being on the back of a brave horse) !! My daughter shares that feeling. Right now we’re on a road trip in my favorite road trip state Nevada!


Of course our favorite roads are not the usual highways, but rather endless dirt roads.

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This week, consider your point of view as you respond to this challenge’s theme, “Atop.” If you’re physically on top of a thing or a place — a mountain, a skyscraper — what type of scene do you want to share in your frame? Consider, too, other interpretations of “Atop” — what does it mean or look like to be on top of a soapbox? A bestseller list? The world?

Show us your best image — we look forward to seeing everyone’s takes!

What make you feel on top of your world?



Local – A Family Affair


50% of the mustang population on the northern American continent resides in Nevada. In many parts of Nevada they are locals that you see on a regular basis.  A Family Affair features; a wild mustang stallion with his mare, and youngest filly. Photo taken in the foothills outside Reno, at the Virginia Range. I’ve seen this particular family for several years. They had an older filly as well, I believe she is with another band now.

If I had to choose only one favorite hobby to do for the rest of my life, it would be hiking out to these guys favorite spots, and just watch them do what horses do. As for now, I do it as often as I can. I’m sitting in my living room, working on this post for you, surrounded by seven of my favorite photos of mustangs, printed as large canvas prints. It takes me to them, when I can not go there physically.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! It is stormy here in Northern California this weekend. Yesterday I saw an interesting scene in my backyard. I just came back from a long walk. I showered, and when I stepped out of the shower, I saw something strange in the corner of my eye. It caught my attention, and I looked out the window to see my two greenhouses flying like if they had wings! A combination of strong winds 35-50mph, and rain, had pulled the stakes out of the ground. When I put the stakes in the ground a month ago, or so, the ground was hard as concrete, now it was all mud. Luckily I had also tied the greenhouses to the house on one side, and to a fence on the other side, hence they didn’t disappear..It took me an hour or so, to get the situation under control. I ran between the greenhouses, putting one stake in on this one, anchoring it with a heavy weight, another stake on the next greenhouse..anchoring that one…and so on. Luckily I had lots of plants in 15 gallon pots outside the greenhouses, that now have a new job holding the greenhouse in place (hopefully for the whole winter. You can see a photo of what it looks like now on instagram.) When the wind is unable to reach in underneath the greenhouses everything is fine. The only thing that could happen now is if the fabric tears, which I can not do much about. So far so good. How is your weekend so far?



This week, share what “local” means to you, and show us where your heart is.

The theme for the weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post is Local. At first I thought a four letter word, about the difficulty of this challenge. I moved so many time, and experienced so many exciting places. I only lived four years in the town where I was born. I hardly call that home. I’ve only lived one year in the little town I live in now. Even though I like some things about this town, it’s not home, and I am definitely not a local.

As I continue to read the inspirational post at The Daily Post, things are clearing up inside my head. The author shares a photo from a pub in Dublin, even though she lives on the other side of the world. In her words; I felt like I belonged, a part of the local community.

I thought to myself, I have a place like that too! Not so many people know about my love for this particular town. Sometimes I go there with friends, and sometimes by myself. Every time, I’m so happily surprised with the warm friendly atmosphere that folds me in like a warm blanket of friendliness. I love all the small family owned restaurants in this little town. I love the western spirit. I love all the horses. Of course I also love the endless big sky, and mountains that surrounds it.


I definitely feel a strong sense of belonging here, even though I have never lived there. I took this photo less than ten minutes from downtown! Can you see what it is that I love? I’ve heard that you either love, or hate the endless sea of sagebrush that covers large regions of Nevada. I personally love everything about it! Especially the smell early in the morning. I was having a tailgate party all by myself, enjoying the sunrise, and a strong cup of coffee when I took this photo. The town I keep returning to is Winnemucca. Have you ever been there?

Do you have a place like this? I would love to know what Local means to you!

Happy Friday!








Mustangs at Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary


For this week’s challenge, share a photo that features H2O; the element of water. Water comes in many different states and guises. From a foggy morning to your favorite watercolor painting, how will you show H2O in a photograph? I look forward to seeing your interpretations.

I hope you’re having an awesome weekend!