My Little Star


My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along. – Denise Van Outen

Not my words, but I can totally relate. Nothing compares to the unexpected gift of being blessed with a fabulous, happy, intelligent daughter. She is definitely the star that makes my sky brighter every day. The sunshine that makes me excited about getting up in the morning.

Happy International Women’s Day!!



Starting to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS!






Some Christmas preparation going on at our house today. The anticipation for the coming holidays are almost unbearable for some of us! Luckily the wait is almost over 🙂

I’m not going to wish you a Merry Christmas yet, so Happy Friday! Have man awesome weekend 🙂




(Disclaimer; today’s photos are not available in my gallery, just family photos sharing the spirit of the coming holidays!)

A Fairytale


My daughter wanted to be a princess for Halloween. Princesses is a big thing for her now. LOL..Yesterday morning she was set on wearing her princess dress again. I wanted to scout places to shoot the supermoon, we both got our way 🙂 Sort of, it was cloudy, and I didn’t see the moon.


We did enjoy the beautiful morning. I thought I’d share a couple personal photos of the beautiful moment we had. (These are not available in my gallery.)


It was cloudy again this morning, and I missed this superman all together. Did you get to see it? Tell me about it! I did have an awesome, unplanned road trip to Oregon yesterday. I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

Enjoy this beautiful day ❤


Green Dreams

My daughter and I had so much fun this summer, growing the majority of our food ourselves, that we decided that this is something we want to continue doing this winter. Even though we don’t have a real homestead yet.


We built a sturdy frame for a greenhouse today. It was an interesting project to build a 15x7x7 greenhouse frame with a 4 year old as your partner. I believe that building the frame was the hardest work, and that covering it with greenhouse film is going to be easier now that we already have the structure. It’s still hot here (it was 95 Fahrenheit today,) I’m going to wait to finish the greenhouse until we expect lower temperatures. I feel good about having this part done. Some of my plants need to go into the greenhouse quickly when the temperatures are starting to fall.

I am very excited about the direction this is going. It brings me great pleasure to grow our food. Next summer we will hopefully have some fruit as well. My daughter is most excited about the 6 olive trees that we recently added to our container tree collection. I’ve planted all my fruit/nut trees in 15 gallon smart pots. Almost all, one exception. One of the plum trees are way too big for a 15 gallon pot, and I purchased a HUGE pot for that tree (you can see that one pot that are different, to the left in the photo.) I can not move that pot myself, now when the tree is in it! I like 15 gallon pots, because I can move them myself. The smart pots weighs almost nothing. I’m excited to see how my fruit trees like them. Do you have any experience of growing fruit trees in containers that you would like to share with a newbie like me? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



For The Love Of Avocado

I eat avocado every day, and I wish this was my invention, but it is not. I am not in any way connected with this product. I just found it, and think it’s brilliant!

a1a (1)

The Avoseedo is a little plastic tray, shaped as a boat, with room for one avocado pit in the middle. It’s made to make growing your own avocado tree easy, and fun.

a1 (1)

The idea, putting the avocado it in the tray, and then watching it grow in water, the boat shape, and the simplicity of the whole thing, makes it an ideal project to do with young kids. Even toddlers, and preschool children can participate, observe, see, and understand the whole process.

I pealed the avocado pit, before giving it to my daughter. She filled up water in see through plastic bowls (so she doesn’t accidentally break them..) placed the peeled avocado pit in the boat, in the water. The Avoseedo came with flags, so that you can write down the date of when you started your tree.

After a few months when your avocado pit have roots, you plant it in a pot, and later on you can plant it outside (if you live in a warm climate.)

a2 (1)
The Avoseedo boat seen from above.

a3 (1)

This is a photo of the underneath, where the roots are going to come out. We ordered a set of three Avoseedos, and planted them August 1. It’s going to take some time before we see any growth, but I promise to keep you posted about the progress! My daughter already checked them a gazillion times! I wish this was my invention! I think it’s super cool, and an awesome idea. That’s why I wanted to share it with you 🙂

If you want to get some more ideas about homesteading, homemaking, and homeschooling, one of my favorite homesteading blogs are hosting a blog hop this weekend, Our Simple Homestead. I find lots of inspiration for my garden here. I bet you will find something you like!

Love & Light,